Highlights of the Snowpocalypse

As anyone in the DC area knows, we were buried under nearly 30 inches of snow this past weekend.  People are giving the storm names like Snowmageddon and the Snowpocalypse.

In the past, heavy snow hasn’t bothered me so much.  Except since we moved to our condo, our nearby Metro stop is above ground, and therefore must shut down once snowfall gets to be more than 8 inches.  This means that we’re pretty not going anywhere.  While some of our friends were out having snowball fights on the Mall, we were going to be riding things out at home.  Being stuck at home isn’t too bad…until the power goes out.  After a few warning shots, the power went out for good near 11 on Friday night.

Despite being stranded with no heat and electricity for much of the weekend, there were some highlights (and lowlights) which I will recount for you.

Highlight: Since my boss gave us the option of working from home on Friday, I did so, which meant that I could watch DVD episodes while working.  I decided to watch two classic snow themed Simpsons episodes: Skinner’s Sense of Snow and Mr. Plow.  The first is an underrated episode from season 12, and the second is probably among the five best episodes ever. 

Lisa: “Dad, was that your commercial?” 

Homer: “I don’t know!”

Lowlight: Mrs. Cutter’s holiday party, rescheduled from December when we had our first monumental snowfall, was cancelled again.  There’s a good chance that we are just destined not to go to this.

Highlight: In preparation for the Super Bowl, we baked some chocolate Twinkies.  We had made these a couple of years ago and are quite delicious.  Oddly, the power would flicker off right after we took each batch out of the oven, but would then come back on.  Ultimately, the power stayed on just long enough for us to finish baking the last batch, only to stay off for good.

Highlight: Saturday afternoon, our neighbors The Sipper and Sandi (with an I) walked over to our place to partake in some blacked out snowy fun.  We spent some time outside trying to build a snowman (This didn’t work so well because the snow wasn’t packing.  We ultimately made a sort of snow volcano) and then retreated inside for board games.

Lowlight: I forgot my old strategy for playing Clue, so I didn’t do so well at it.  For anyone curious, it was Colonel (not Mr.) Mustard in the Library with the Revolver.  And The Sipper won the game.

Highlight: I won Scattergories, taking advantage of several double letter answers (Parker Posey for a ‘P’ celebrity!)

Highlight: We discovered some hot chocolate mix in the pantry, and since our gas stove was still operating (It required a three step lighting process, since the electric lighter was out, and our mini lighter’s ignition element died as well) we were able to have some.  You’d be surprised how small pleasures seem that much nicer when you’re stuck without power or heat.

Lowlight: Having our laptop’s battery die before we could finish watching an episode of the Sopranos.  We tried to watch on a different laptop but that died too.  Which meant we were now without electronic entertainment.

Lowlight: While we chose to go to bed early, our upstairs neighbors apparently decided to spend all night walking around their darkened apartment.  I’m not sure exactly what they could have been doing all that time, but they were up for awhile.  Actually, based on the smell coming out of their apartment, I’d say it was pretty obvious what they were doing.

Highlight: Not wanting to face another day without heat or electricity, we headed over to Squinty’s place where we actually got to shower!  In Squinty’s redone bathroom at that.

Lowlight: I didn’t get to watch ‘Lisa the Greek,’ the Super Bowl themed Simpsons episode that I watch every year the day of the Super Bowl.  Want to know how old this episode is?  The Redskins won the Super Bowl that year.

Highlight: Shopping for food before the Super Bowl, we stopped at Macgruders super market, and I found Waffle Crisp cereal!  I triumphantly sang the Waffle Crisp song and bought two boxes.

Highlight: We got to visit Mr. and Mrs. TooTall who had just brought home their new baby.  And I actually held Baby TooTall, which marks the first time I have ever held a baby.  I was fine until the baby started moving around and “doing stuff.”

Highlight: Despite our original plans for the game being ruined, the Super Bowl was an excellent game.  I really thought that the Colts would win in a blowout, but the Saints played an excellent game.  They knew that they couldn’t let Peyton Manning beat them, so the offense engaged in several long drives, which effectively kept Manning off the field.  And finally, the Saints defense made a huge play to seal the deal.  Drew Brees gave one of the best QB performances in SB history, and deserved the MVP.  In addition, because there were so many completions and long drives, the game was pretty quick too.

Lowlight: The Super Bowl commercials largely sucked.

Highlight: The post-Super Bowl show Undercover Boss was entertaining, if a little bit staged.  I don’t know if I’d actually watch the show, but for one night, it was good.

Highlight: When we returned home to pick up some more clothes (since it looked like we might be refugees for awhile) the power came back on!  And two of our fish (two of the originals we bought – they are resilient) were even still with us.

Lowlight: Five fish and our beloved hermit crab did not survive the ordeal.  R.I.P. Chief Big Claw and the fishies.

Lowlight: I didn’t get to bring over my DVDs to Squinty’s.  We were going to have a good old time watching The Simpsons, Chappelle’s Show, and G.I.Joe.  But the return of electricity put an end to that.

All in all, the Snowpocalypse could have been much worse.  Of course, if it snows tonight, and we’re stranded again, I may go absolutely nuts.


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One Response to Highlights of the Snowpocalypse

  1. Squinty says:

    You need more Waffle Crisp

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