Getting Older and Sorer

If there’s one sad fact that 2010 has caused me to accept is that I am past my physical prime.  I’ve been dealing with injuries of varying degree seemingly the whole year.

All throughout my life I’ve always seem to come up with random, minor injuries.  Some part of my body would hurt for a couple of days and then vanish.  Even in my high school wrestling days, any injury I suffered usually cleared up relatively quickly. 

About a month ago when my neck and shoulder began to hurt, I figured this would be more of the same.  The pain came on mysteriously.  I didn’t remember specifically hurting it during kickball or at the gym.  The pain was odd as it was also causing sporadic numbness down my left arm.  I held off from lifting any weights at the gym or from playing EA Active on the Wii, both of which might have contributed to the initial injury.  Unfortunately, then came the snowpocalypse, and I’m sure all that shovelling didn’t make it any better.

Anyway, after it continued for a few weeks, I saw a doctor who said I should see a physical therapist for the problem.  Yesterday was my first visit, and they gave me some heat and ultrasound treatments, and recommended some stretches to alleviate the pain.  So far it seems to be working a little.

Still, it’s annoying that I have to deal with this.  And this is on top of the various injuries that I suffer by playing indoor kickball twice a week.  Apparently, diving all over a gym floor can leave one banged up.  I’ve managed to cut open and bruise both of my knees on multiple occassions.  A younger version of me would have had no problem shaking off these injuries.  Now, after playing kickball on Thursday, I start to wonder if I’ll be able to do it again on Sunday.  Of course, kickball might be contributing to the neck injury.  But what am I going to do?  Not play kickball?  The season’s almost over anyway.

It’s sad knowing that things are only going to get worse as I get older.  Soon I’ll be that old guy playing softball who needs a pinch runner.  Or even worse, I’ll be the slow guy who doesn’t realize how slow he’s gotten.  Now I kind of understand why all those baseball players took roids and HGH.  It’s bad enough for a recreational athlete like me to slow down and suffer injuries.  It must be horrible for these guys who were once world class athletes to no longer be at their best.

Of course, with the new arrival due this year, I’ll have much less time to play sports and injure myself.  So maybe I’ll feel healthier than ever!  Or just tired.  Probably just tired.


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