Good things about Vegas: Part Two

Good thing about Vegas – Harrah’s Buffet of Buffets Deal

When planning my trip to Vegas, I had seen the 24 hour buffet special advertised (, and I was looking forward to it.  And I can say that it was even better than advertised.

On Sunday, we first went to Planet Hollywood to get some dinner.  Sadly, PH’s buffet was a bit disappointing.  At a dinner buffet, I like to start out with salad, and their salad selection was weak.  Moving past that, I didn’t think their crab legs were anything special either.  That’s two major strikes against the buffet.

However, later that night I found the real strength of the 24 hour deal.  After some heavy drinking and gambling, I found myself at the Rio, a bit drunk and kind of out of it.  But fortunately, when I checked the time, I found that it was 9:45, which meant the buffet was still open for another 15 minutes.  I raced over to the Rio’s buffet, and the magic began.  It is hard to describe the feeling of being drunk and having unlimited free food available to you.  I was downright giddy, grabbing food from everywhere.  Fried chicken?  Sure!  Gelato?  Don’t mind if I do!

The best part was that I wasn’t alone.  Others were in the same situation as me, and we all exchanged happy, knowing glances.  There were a few people who I almost hugged.  I can assure you that the buffet staff didn’t share my enthusiasm.  Apparently, when buffet workers are at the end of the work day, the last thing they want is a bunch of drunken people around grabbing all the food they can find, and generally making a mess.

Oh, it was delighful.  But the fun didn’t stop there.  We also took advantage of the buffet deal for breakfast the next day, and then finished it off with dinner.  If you are in Vegas and you like buffets, I strongly recommend you take advantage of this deal.  And speaking of breakfast…

Good thing about Vegas – The Flamingo’s breakfast buffet

Every trip to Vegas, I make a point to hit the Flamingo’s breakfast buffet.  They have a good spread of food, the quality is solid, and you have an amazing view of the waterfalls outside.  Our table was right next to the window, so we got to see the fish swim up to the window as we dined.  I decided to treat myself was a wide variety of foods, such as pancakes, waffles, and a cookiewich with M&Ms on top.

Bad Thing About Vegas – The Rio

I had heard good things about the Rio, but honestly, I was a bit disappointed in it.  The tables were all relatively expensive, and they only seemed to have single deck blackjack.  While in theory, less decks is an advantage to the players, I don’t like it.  They deal cards face down, and the constant shuffling kills momentum.

Good thing about Vegas – Cheap (or free) drinks

After dinner on Sunday, I decided that I wanted a big fruity drink (partially because I seem to do better at gambling when inebriated), so we went to Fat Tuesday in the Planet Hollywood’s Miracle Mile Mall.  The friendly bartender gave me a few samples before I eventually settled on a recommended concoction that was mostly Hurricane.  It was large, and got me drunk for a reasonable price.

Once that was done, I got a number of free drinks while at the blackjack tables.  So even though I was losing money, I was at least getting something in return.  The following day, while gambling downtown, I probably got my money’s worth in free Coronas while at the table.

Good thing about Vegas – The Deuce Bus

The Deuce goes back and forth between the Strip and downtown all day.  You get unlimited rides in a two hour period for $3 and for 24 hours for $7.  Much cheaper than a cab.  One drawback is that the bus can get overly crowded in the late afternoon and because of all the people getting on and off it can take a long time to get where you’re going.

On the plus side, our driver looked like Mickey Rooney.

Good thing about Vegas – Sports books

Sports books in Vegas used to be tucked away in the corner of casinos.  But lately, they all seem to be expanding, making them into large rooms with giant odds boards and lots of televisions.  It’s a good place to watch a game, as Squinty and I found while watching the Flyers vs. Devils playoff game.  We both celebrated when the Flyers won in overtime – Squinty because he had money on the Flyers, and me because I wanted the Flyers to win.

Good thing about Vegas – Downtown

Most of the Vegas hype revolves around the Strip, but every time I go to Vegas, I like to head downtown at least one day.  Downtown used to be a bit of a ghost town, but since they closed off Fremont Street and added the Fremont Street Experience, the area has been revitalized.  There are a lot of cheap stores, and even cheaper casinos.  We gambled for awhile at the Las Vegas Club – always one of my favorites – playing $3 blackjack.  At $3 a hand, even if you aren’t doing well, you aren’t losing too much money.  We were only there during the day, so we didn’t get to see the light show, but it’s still fun.

Good thing about Vegas – Always something to do

Even if you don’t want to gamble, simply walking down the Strip can be a good night’s entertainment.  One evening, Squinty and I just sat outside and watched all the various people walk by (Including guys dressed like the Madhatter, Freddy Kreuger, and Darth Vader). 

Side note: Squnity and I always get a kick out of unusual personalized sports jerseys.  While in the MGM Grand, we saw a guy walking towards us with an Angels jersey.  We had high hopes that this would be an amusing jersey, but when we saw the guy’s back, it was better than we could have hoped for.  The jersey said “Porkchop” with a number 1 on it.  Hilarity.

For our last night in town, I wanted to gamble while there was karaoke going on.  So, we headed to Bill’s Gambling Hall where it was karaoke night.  While the first song sung was the Gin Blossoms (ugh) it was still fun, and the only time I actually had some sustained gambling success.  Karaoke = luck at gambling. 

So that was probably my last trip to Vegas for awhile.  I can’t see going back unless it’s for a bachelor party or something, although that would require one of my friends to get married.  So like I said, I probably won’t be back for awhile.  But if I don’t ever return, at least my last trip there was a good one.


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