Friday Afternoon Entertainment

We’ve reached Friday afternoon.  Those of you who work Monday through Friday jobs are probably at the point where you’re either frantically trying to get some last minute work in or meet a deadline (and in that case, you probably aren’t reading this) or else you’re just trying to coast through the rest of the day so that the weekend arrives.

If the second case applies to you, then you’re in luck.  Because I’m going to give you some good old fashioned Friday afternoon entertainment!

First off, here some things that will be sure to be stuck in your head.

The Dayman song from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

The Filet-o-Fish commercial

And even better, the Filet-o-Fish commercial…in Spanish!

The Meow Mix commercial

And finally, I won’t tell you what this is, but just be warned.  There are some things that you can’t unhear.

OK, now that you’re all either humming along or trying to drive pencils into your ears to make the music stop, we can proceed.

Sometimes I like to go to Walt Dated World, and look at all of the old Walt Disney World attractions.  I remember some of these fondly.  Sometimes I think Disney should open up a “Yesterdayland” which would show past visions of the future.

Random fact: Walt Disney’s original plan for EPCOT Center was for it to be an actual community where people would live.  After his death, they tried to make it work, and essentially just said “Screw it, let’s just make it another theme park.”  I’m guessing that it would have turned out similar to the Cypress Creek town owned by the Globex Corporation on the Simpsons.

Other News:

– On Tuesday, my kickball team will be having it’s five year anniversary celebration.  It seems like just yersterday that Mrs. Cutter told me that she and some co-workers were starting a kickball team.  Back then, I didn’t take it very seriously (I mean, it is kickball after all) but this Spring, it’s the only sport I’ll be playing.  (I would have liked to play co-ed softball again, but the season doesn’t start until June, and I didn’t want to commit to much this summer)

Anyway, I’ve been playing kickball now since 2005, and yet sadly, my skills seem to be inexplicably eroding.  And I can’t blame it on age, because I’m in better shape now then I was back then.  I just seem to have lost it.  Or maybe it’s because I’ve lost my confidence, my skills have abandoned me as well.  Either way, I hope I improve quickly.

– You know it’s almost summer when you start seeing the merchandizing tie-in commercials to the summer blockbusters.  I’ve seen Iron Man advertise so many things that I’m actually kind of sick of the movie even though it hasn’t come out yet.

I’m not looking forward to many movies this summer.  Unlike past years, there are very few “must sees” on my list.  That’s probably a good thing since come mid-summer, I probably won’t have much time to see anything.

I recently saw Kick-Ass and thought it was OK.  Mrs. Cutter hated it.

– For those of you who haven’t seen it, I’ve created an offshoot blog of The Cutter Rambles: Stranger in a Strange Land.  Since some people (Mrs. Cutter) don’t like when I talk about sports on here, I’ve created a separate blog for it.  The focus will be on my time as a Philly fan living in the DC area:

To conclude, I’ll bring back a Friday tradition that somehow got lost: A top five list!  And I’ll stay with the Disney theme.

Top Five Favorite Attractions at Walt Disney World

5. The Living Seas – The attraction itself is kinda lame.  But my family has an inside joke about their elevators, or as they’re called in this attraction “hydrovators.”

4. Star Tours – Back before they had the “magic motion” machines everywhere, this was pretty cool.  And it had a Star Wars theme back before George Lucas whored out the franchise.

3. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad – This is another case where sometimes things that seem thrilling as a child aren’t quite as exciting when you’re older.  I LOVED this ride as a five year old.  But after re-riding it as an adult, it didn’t seem to have the same magic.  But for the childhood thrill, I’ll still put it on the list.

2. Journey Into Imagination – The original version with Dreamfinder and Figment.  I spent a lot of time in the “Imagination Playground.”

1. Pirates of the Carribean – I know they’ve added Jack Sparrow to the ride, but I haven’t seen that version, and I’m not sure I want to.  This ride always brings a smile to my face.

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One Response to Friday Afternoon Entertainment

  1. Alena says:

    I loved Journey into Imagination! I still have my Figment puppet. Now I have Dayman stuck in my head.

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