The American Flag is Not Offensive

Many of you may have seen the news story where California high school students were sent home because they wore American flag clothing on Cinco de Mayo:

Apparently, wearing American flags on Cinco de Mayo was considered offensive to the school’s large Mexican population.

Really?  Wearing the emblem of your home country is offensive?  When the hell did this happen?  I don’t care about the context.  If anyone considers the American flag to be offensive, then I strongly suggest they find another country to live in.

I’m aware that the students motivation for wearing the clothing was not necessarily innocent, and they intended the clothing to be a form of protest over the Cinco de Mayo celebration.  But really, it’s not like they showed up with shirts saying “F*** Mexico” or “Mexico Sucks.”  Instead, they just decided to wear shirts that showed off their culture.  So apparently the school administrators felt that it was perfectly acceptable for one culture to show pride, but not for another.   It doesn’t matter if the students are part of the majority.  It’s still a case of discrimination.

People shouldn’t have taken offense at the American flag that the students wore.  Instead, they should have looked upon it and felt joy.  Because that flag represents the freedom to celebrate your personal culture.  That flag represents the ability to have a Cinco de Mayo celebration.  And that’s something we should all be happy about.


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2 Responses to The American Flag is Not Offensive

  1. Jen says:

    I agree wholeheartedly!

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