The Cutter Discusses Awesome Stuff

For most of the day yesterday, my office’s internet connection was down.  This was truly one of the worst days I have had at work.  

I felt cut off from the outside world.  Yes, I had to go several hours at work without being able to check email, browse Facebook, read the newspaper, update my fantasy baseball team, or any other activity that I typically do in order to distract me from actual work.

 Sure, I might have been a little more productive than usual, but on the other hand, my head was coming very close to exploding.

Fortunately, I’m back online, and I’m going to introduce a new recurring feature I like to call Awesome Stuff.

As the title implies, I’m going to discuss things which I think are awesome.  Today’s entry is: Early 90s rap music.

The early 90s was the peak of what I like to call “party rap.”  Party rap songs are about having a good time, and generally don’t carry much weight.  Feel-good songs like “O.P.P.” and “Baby Got Back.”  As the 90s progressed, this type of rap soon faded away in favor of the more hardcore gangster rap.  And while I like gangster rap well enough, I do miss party rap.

Maybe the songs just remind me of my middle school dances when they were all the rage.  Then again, I’m not sure why I would be nostalgic for middle school, as that is really not one of my life’s better periods. 

Come to think of it, did anyone really enjoy middle school?  I mean, there were some good experiences mixed in there, but for the most part, that whole time just seems like a way to punish people.

Back on subject…

Oddly enough, there is one prominent party rap song that I’m not a huge fan of, and this throws everyone by surprise.  I’ve just never liked the song “Humpty Dance.”  You’d think I would.  It’s almost like the quintessential early 90s party rap song.  And it was by Digital Underground, the group in which 2Pac got his start.  And yet, I’ve never been that keen on it.

But aside from that, if I hear a party rap song being played, my spirits will instantly brighten, and I will be a happy person.

Since this is our first time out, I’ll provide a second entry in the Awesome Stuff annals: Arby’s Beef and Cheddar

I don’t eat Arby’s all that often, but whenever I do, I’ll usually order a Beef and Cheddar and be pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoy it.  It’s like I somehow forget just how ood they are, so that I’m always “Wow, Arby’s Beef and Cheddar is really good!”  In the past, I’ve compared Arby’s to Weezer, since I tend to have the same reaction whenever I hear them play.

Since they aren’t the healthiest things for you, I try to limit my Arby’s consumption for really bad days when I could use a nice, pleasant surprise.  And you know what?  It almost always seems to work.


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2 Responses to The Cutter Discusses Awesome Stuff

  1. Squinty says:

    Now for the fries. I don’t like fried foods, I don’t eat fried foods, but I’m told they’re very good. You gotta try the Jamocca.

    Sweaty, that was for you. YOU’RE NEXT!

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