Looking at the Bright Side of the Gulf Oil Disaster

Obviously, the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico is a huge disaster.  The Gulf waters and the shoreline are being hopelessly polluted, and we have no real idea of the extent of the damage that will be done.

And while they’re still searching for ways to stop the flow of oil, and everyone is looking for someone to blame, I’m going to do something different.  I’m going to try to find some positives in the situation.  So I present to you: The Cutter Looks at the Bright Side of the Gulf Oil Disaster!

Positive #1 – The oil rig explosion reminds me of the Transformers

Here’s some video with footage of the oil rig explosion that started this whole mess:

It seems similar to a scene from the very first Transformers cartoon back in 1984.  The Decepticons, in search of sources of energy, attacked an oil rig. Eventually, the Autobots came to the rescue, and in the ensuing battle, the rig exploded.  That’s how the Autobots met their human friends Sparkplug and Spike. 

Here’s a clip:

Side question: Did Sparkplug and Spike quit their jobs after that?  They seemed to always be at the Autobots base.  And if they didn’t work, did they have any money?  Did the Autobots subsidize them for helping out, since in half the episodes they needed the humans to rescue them? 

Maybe they lost their jobs after the oil rig explosion, and they had to live at the Autobots’ base.  That would explain why they always wore the same clothing.  But shouldn’t Spike have been in school anyway?  I’ve got to imagine there are child labor laws preventing kids from working full time at an oil rig.

And how did the humans get food to eat anyway?  So many questions.

Anyway, if it makes me think about Transformers, then it can’t be all bad, right?

Positive #2 – May decrease the seagull population

Haven’t we all been at the beach and been annoyed by having a bunch of seagulls around making noise, eating our food, and then crapping anywhere they want?  Well, I’m sure the oil will kill off at least a few of them, so that should help alleviate that problem. 

Yes, I realize that I’m kind of reaching here.

Positive #3 – Waterfront property will become more affordable

As Lex Luthor taught us in the Superman movies, one of the world’s most valuable assets is waterfront property.  And because the beaches may all soon be horribly polluted, I’m guessing that prices will soon go way down.  So now may be the time to buy!

Positive #4 – May increase actual action to help the environment

It’s not like pollution of the Gulf began when that oil rig exploded.  Even when things were running as expected without massive spills and explosions, we weren’t exactly treating the Gulf waters well.

Sadly, disaster is one of the best motivating factors for action.  Perhaps fueled by this crisis, actual steps will be taken to help prevent Gulf pollution in the future.  That’s probably the best thing that could possibly emerge from this situation.

See, it wasn’t too hard to find some positives.  Hopefully, they’ll one day figure out how to finally plug the leak and fix all the damage that has been done. But until then, we can all feel just a little bit better knowing that there is a bright side to the mess.


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1 Response to Looking at the Bright Side of the Gulf Oil Disaster

  1. Eric (Rick) Thomason says:

    Charlie Daniels’ song “Devil Went Down to Georgia” reworked to fit this disaster. Find my lyrics here: http://bit.ly/ajnlMw
    (Note: They are unfinished, as the disaster is sadly far, far from over.)

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