Still Waiting

It’s been awhile since I provided an update. 

We are now two days past the due date, and still no baby.  And I know you all are genuinely curious and well wishing.  But please stop asking us if the baby has arrived yet or if there has been any news.  It’s a nice thought, but when EVERYBODY is asking us, it becomes a bit tiresome, especially considering that we (and especially Mrs. Cutter) are a bit anxious about it ourselves.

Two weeks ago when the doctor told Mrs. Cutter that she was progressing well, it seemed as if the baby might arrive early.  That obviously didn’t happen, and until anything does happen, our lives are kind of on hold.  It’s difficult for us to make plans for even a day in advance.  While that doesn’t seem so bad, it becomes very frustrating after just a few days.  When you’re not sure if you can defrost chicken for tomorrow night’s dinner, you become impatient.

Speaking of defrosting, we were a bit concerned last night that we were going to lose all the food in our freezer.  Due to a severe thunderstorm, we lost power in the middle of the day.  Our condo association put up a sign saying that they expected power to be restored by 6 PM.  But when I got home from the gym after 7, still no power.  Fortunately, we have a gas stove and I was still able to cook dinner.

We went out for a walk, and later went to get ice cream, each time, hoping that when we returned home, power would be restored.  Each time we were left disappointed.  Obviously, PEPCO’s estimate of 6 PM was a bit off.  Worse, we became more and more concerned that our frozen food would be ruined.

We’ve lost our power quite a bit recently.  For some reason, our area (which includes the nearby Metro station) seems to be especially susceptible when there is extreme weather.  I would blame it on all the trees nearby, but we’re not the only area with trees, yet we seem to be affected more than others.

We started to compare this to when we lost power due to the Snowpocalypse in February.  This situation had many advantages.  First, because the days are longer, we weren’t stuck in darkness until after 8 PM. (unlike 5 PM in February) While it was excessively hot yesterday, it was still better than being left without heat in sub-zero temperatures.  And the roads weren’t covered with snow, so we at least could go somewhere.

So while we weren’t concerned with us or our fish freezing to death – as many did in February –  it still wasn’t the most fun situation in the world.  We eventually tried to go to sleep.  Mrs. Cutter wasn’t comfortable, as she’s always overly hot, and while our condo stays relatively cool, it was still too hot for her.  And since we usually sleep with a fan on to provide white noise, our bedroom was eerily quiet without it.

On the other hand, I actually got to sleep for a bit without bundling up.  She’s been cranking up the AC so high, that I practically wake up shivering each night, while she complains about how hot the place is. 

Finally, at 11:30 – just as we had gotten to sleep – the lights came back on.  Of course we then had to get up and turn things off before returning to bed.  Mrs. Cutter decided that she would overcompensate by turning the AC up even higher than before.  When I woke up in the middle of the night, I thought I could see my breath.

And fortunately, our food looked like it would be OK.  If we eat it and become violently ill, then I guess we’ll know otherwise.

Hopefully, next time you read this blog, I’ll have a baby update to provide.  But if not, PLEASE don’t ask us.


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