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As you can see, the promised re-design of the blog has been put into effect.  Not sure if this is the final version, but so far so good.  Thanks to Mrs. Cutter for helping me out with it!  We were thinking about adding a cartoon version of me to the banner, but couldn’t get it looking quite right.

Anyway, my first post on the re-designed site will be a quick review of the show Holly’s World.

Holly’s World is a spin-off of the show Girls Next Door which chronicled the adventures of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner and his three girlfriends: Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt, and Kendra Wilkinson.  If you have trouble keeping track of which girl was which, Holly was known as the #1 girlfriend, and honestly believed that Hef would settle down with her and they would live happily ever after.

In other words, Holly is delusional.

Since ending her relationship with Hef, Holly moved to Las Vegas, where she is now the star of Peepshow: Planet Hollywood’s nightly striptease spectacular.   Holly’s World follows the wacky adventures of her and her entourage.

Her entourage includes:

Angel – Holly’s assistant who has an unfortunate squeaky voice.  She seems prone to emotional breakdowns.

Josh – The male lead of Peepshow.  If anyone is a fan of subtle gayness, then Josh is probably not going to be your cup of tea.  If I had to describe Josh in one word, it would be: flamboyant.

Laura – A former Playboy playmate.  I’m not sure what her exact purpose is in the entourage except to look pretty and say vacuous things.  After watching a few episodes, I get the impression she is simply hanging out because she has nothing else to do.

Side note: It really bothers me when people refer to Holly, Bridget, and Kendra as “former Playmates.”  While they appeared in the magazine and on the cover, none of them were actually named Playmate of the Month!  And yet, you often hear Holly dubbed “former Playmate Holly Madison.”  Incorect!

You know how some women hang around with friends who are uglier than them in order to make themselves appear prettier?  I kind of get the impression that Holly keeps her entourage around in order to appear smarter.  It can be difficult to decide which member of the group is the dumbest, as they seem determined to continually top one another in that area.

At times, I get the feeling that they agreed to be on this show, because without a camera crew following them around and giving them directions, they might constantly be getting lost.

I eventually decided that the dumbest was Laura.  At no point have I heard her say anything that could remotely be considered intelligent.  In fact, most of her dialouge seems to be along the lines of “What’s going on?” or “I’m drunk.”  I really hope she’s saving her money, because if her looks fade, she might be in real trouble.

In the most recent episode, Holly apparently bought a beautiful new house in the Vegas suburbs.  Why did she buy this house?  Apparently, the Planet Hollywood suite that she was living in wasn’t big enough to hold all of her stuff.  She does seems to have a ton of stuff.  In this episode alone, she’s seen driving two different convertibles.  I hope the E! network is paying for all her things, because otherwise, she doesn’t seem to have any concept of money management.

Holly makes a point to say that since she actually owns the house, she wants to keep it nice, and not make it a party house.  Two minutes later she decides to throw a huge housewarming party, and allows her entourage to plan it without her help.

So the friends go about planning things.  Angel tries to make organized plans, but the manic (and boy is this guy manic) Josh goes off the tracks with the plans.  This causes a bit of tension between the two of them.  Meanwhile, Laura sits around being confused by all of the two syllable words being used.

Once the party starts, Angel takes offense because Josh (now wearing a sailor outfit) is hopping all over the place, hogging Holly’s attention.  Angel feels that he’s taking too much credit for everything.  This leads to an argument with both of them breaking down into tears.  This might be a breaking development if not for the fact that one or both of them cries in every episode.  Meanwhile, Laura is off getting drunk somewhere.

Holly seems oblivious to this, as she generally seems oblivious to most things.  She’s busy having fun at her party, and wondering why some guy she has a crush on didn’t show up.  The show often focuses on Holly’s attempts at a love life.  She doesn’t seem to understand why she has trouble finding a nice man to settle down with.

Let’s see…why can’t Holly find a man?  She’s the former girlfriend of Hugh Hefner.  She has appeared in Playboy.  She lives in Las Vegas.  She performs nightly in a Vegas show featuring lots of toplessness.  Most details of her life are detailed on a television show.

I don’t think any guys would be intimidated by all that. 

So eventually, everything gets resolved into a happy ending: Angel and Josh make up and are friends again; Laura wanders off somewhere but eventually finds her way back; Holly is disappointed that her crush doesn’t come, but she does receive a gift from Carrot Top (Yes, Holly is good friends with Carrot Top): a large painting of himself.

The show also may have the worst opening theme ever created.  For some reason (embarassment?) I can’t find a clip of it online.  But trust me, it sounds like they forgot to make a theme, and then had to come up with something in about ten minutes time.

While Girls Next Door was loaded with great semi-unintentional comedy, Holly’s World is coming very close to just being plain bad.  You can only watch stupid people interact for so long before you just want to strangle them.


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