Back to Work

After two weeks off to deal with the Cutlet, I have returned to work this week.  So far, it hasn’t been too bad.  I was worried that I might feel like a zombie throughout the day.  But although I still would enjoy the luxury of taking a midday nap, I’ve been able to function well enough.  I think it helps that I am generally good without getting a full night’s sleep, and that I don’t drink coffee.

The Cutlet’s sleeping habits are still a work in progress, as we have bad nights mixed in with the good.  Last night was a good night, as she only woke up when hungry and generally let us sleep for the rest of the night.  I think I may be learning more effective ways to get her to go to sleep quickly, but I don’t want to speak too soon.  It seems like every time we’ve got her figured out, she changes things up on us.  She’s a clever child – perhaps too clever.

My two weeks off reminded me of how I spent my July ten years ago.  Much like this year, the days of July 2000 were spent not working, but back then it was simply because I was unemployed and had nothing to do.

I had graduated from college in May, and was searching for a job.  Admittedly, I wasn’t searching especially hard, mostly because my parents were still graciously paying my rent.  Why did they do this?  Because in theory, I was trying to find a job (“It’s a difficult job market!”), and still had several months on my apartment’s lease, so I couldn’t move back home even if I wanted to.

My days were spent waking up whenever, going to the gym, eating fast food, taking naps, and going out drinking.  Occassionally, I’d do something like go to the zoo or Smithsonian or just walk along the National Mall.  My life was carefree and jolly.

Ten years later, much has changed.  My two weeks away from work were far from carefree.  I was trying to get as much stuff done as possible in between (and sometimes during) periods watching the Cutlet.  I decided to thoroughly clean the condo, going as far as to scrub the bathroom walls and various kitchen surfaces which hadn’t been cleaned since we moved in.  Mrs. Cutter appreciated the effort, but may have become a little frightened by my dedication to the cleaning process.

We’ve noticed that time moves somewhat differently with a baby.  Despite getting out of bed around 7 AM each day, I’m still amazed at how quickly the end of the day comes.  There isn’t nearly as much time to get stuff done as you might think.  On the other hand, when dealing with a screaming baby in the middle of the night, time can move painfully slow.

During my time at home, I did a lot of TV watching.  When you’re sitting with a sleeping infant who you do not want to disturb, TV is one of the few things you are limited to.

We watched the movie “Funny People.”  Can anyone tell me what the point of this movie was?  It was like Judd Apatow said “I’m tired of making immature guy comedies.  I’m going to make an indulgent film that, despite being marketed as a comedy, isn’t actually funny.”

Actually, this is a huge dislike of mine: Comedies that aren’t actually funny.  As far as I’m concerned, a comedy should make me laugh.  It’s like when people tell me how funny Wes Anderson movies are.  I realize that some of the broad concepts in the movies might be humorous, but afterwards, it shouldn’t have to be explained to someone why it was funny.

As for Funny People, it couldn’t seem to figure out what it wanted to be.  Was it a slacker comedy about a group of aspiring standups? (Which could have been funny given the cast)  Was it about an asshole trying to find redemption when faced with his mortality? (Could have been a decent drama with humorous elements if not starring Adam Sandler) Was it a bromance between Sandler and Seth Rogen? (Could have worked if they were just allowed to be funny)  Or was it a really weird romantic comedy? (Even this might have worked in a way)

Apatow tried to make the movie all of these things and the result is a painfully long (Almost two and a half hours!) mess of a movie that you become angry with because it keeps going on and doesn’t seem to have a point.

I also watched the 2005 remake of the Bad News Bears.  I seem to remember liking the original when I watched it as a kid, even though I’m sure I saw an edited for TV version.  I re-watched it a few months ago, and it just came off as kind of dated – which is understandable. 

I didn’t have huge hopes for the remake, yet found myself entertained.  While most of the original’s plot points were still in place, they modernized it just enough – although may have gotten a little too PC with the diversity of the team members.

I actually watched the entire MLB All-Star Game!  I’ve blogged about my general disinterest in the All-Star Game before, but I’ve found when you record it and then watch it at 6 AM while trying to entertain a fussy baby, it becomes much more palatable. 

It might have helped that it was a close, competitive game, and that the National League won for the first time since 1996.  I watched the entire game in 1996 too, mostly because I had my wisdom teeth taken out the day before, and I couldn’t really do much else.

And with that, another work day is complete.  Now to go home, see my child, and hope that she doesn’t spend tonight wide awake and screeching like a cat.  Just gotta keep repeating: Calm, happy, sleepy baby.  Calm, happy, sleepy baby.


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