Maybe I’m imagining it, but I think I’m losing my hearing.  It’s perfectly understandable since I spend about an hour of each day holding a screeching infant.

Mrs. Cutter seems to be having the same problem – and for her, it’s probably worse since she spends more time dealing with the child screaming than I do.  I’ve noticed us being unable to hear each other on several different occassions, and found myself having to repeat things a little louder so that she can understand what I’m saying.

Part of the problem is that all of a sudden, the Cutlet has decided that she doesn’t like feeding from a bottle.  We’re not sure why she’s developed this aversion.  Before this week, she would take the bottle as a supplement to her usual meal, and on a few occassions would take it as a substitute.

There are a few possible causes to the aversion.  Unfortunately, like in most matters, the Cutlet isn’t big on communicating her specific needs.  She pretty much subscribes to the theory that she’ll just cry about everything, and let us try to figure out what’s wrong with her.

It might be due to a case of thrush in her mouth.  It might be due to not liking the particular formula we’re trying to give her.  It might be due to her acid reflux which causes her to spit up all the time.  Or she might just really like breast milk from the container, and nothing else will do for her.  I knew I shouldn’t have married a Cambodian.

The other night, I tried to give her a bottle so that Mrs. Cutter would get a break from feeding duties.  The Cutlet was not having it.  She awoke hungry, and when the Cutlet is hungry, she gets agitated.  And when the Cutlet gets agitated, she gets loud.  Usually, the cure for this agitation is to feed her.  I tried to give her a bottle, but this seemed to make her more upset. (which raised the level of crying from an agonized squeal to a catlike screech)

I managed to calm her down.  (One thing that tends to calm her down is when I hold her and repeatedly squat down.  I’m going to have really strong thighs thanks to this child)  Now that she was somewhat peaceful, I made another attempt at giving her the bottle.  Once again, this brought upon a screaming fit.  Eventually, Mrs. Cutter had to get up and feed the child, defeating the entire purpose of the endeavor.  FAIL.

Eventually, the Cutlet is going to have to learn to take a bottle again.  Mrs. Cutter is going to have to return to work, and then the Cutlet will pretty much have no choice but to bottle feed.  Apparently, even the most stubborn babies have an aversion to starving.  We’re just hoping that she starts sooner, or at least while we still have some of our hearing left.


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