Introducing…the Weekcap

When I was playing kickball, I used to write a recap of each week’s game.  But since my kickball days are behind me, I no longer have the opportunity to do so.

So I decided that I would instead recap the events of the past week in the life of the Cutter family.  It might turn out to be wonderfully thrilling, or it might be excruciatingly boring. 

Either way, here is the very first Weekcap…

In our never-ending quest to get the Cutlet to eat and sleep better, we tried out a new feeding strategy this week.

Up until now, we had been following the philosophy that babies need to eat on a regular schedule.  Which means that if they are sleeping when it is their designated feeding time, you need to wake them up and feed them.  So up until now, we would feed the Cutlet every two to three hours, even if she didn’t seem especially hungry or was sleeping comfortably.

Some would tell you that you should be as regular with the feeding schedule as possible, and if necessary, even wake the baby up at night.  But there was no way we were going to wake ourselves and a peacefully sleeping baby in the middle of the night.  That just seems like a good way to drive yourself insane.

The strategy seemed to be working decently, yet the Cutlet didn’t seem to ever sleep for extended periods during the night.  Which meant that Mrs. Cutter wasn’t ever sleeping for extended periods during the night.  And all things considered, Mrs. Cutter prefers her sleep in longer chunks than just two or three hours.

Talking to some other new mothers, Mrs. Cutter received the advice: sleep begets sleep.  If you allow a baby to sleep for longer periods of time when she wants to, then she’ll start doing the same when you want her to.  It seemed logical enough, so we decided to give it a try.

So far, this seems to be working fairly well.  Since then, the Cutlet has gone as long as seven hours in the night without needing to eat.  This means that she’s compensating by eating more in the daytime, but that’s a trade-off we were willing to make.

In other news, we went to another afternoon birthday BBQ this weekend.  These weekend birthday events are great.  It allows us to sort of act like we have a social life, and we don’t have to disrupt the Cutlet’s schedule too much.

It’s kind of strange hanging out with our friends with a baby in hand.  It seemed like the type of thing I would have had a field day making jokes about in my pre-fatherhood days.  And now, I’m carrying on conversations while trying to burp a baby and avoid being spit-up upon.

Random Picture Found on the Web

One of the regular features of the weekcaps will be a random picture I have found on the internet.  It usually won’t have anything to do with anything, but it will almost always be extremely strange.

This is a picture of what Marge and Lisa Simpson would look like if they were bodybuilders.

Random Thought of the Week

I’ve been listening to Pandora radio while at work, and it’s almost frightening how well they get their playlists to meet your preferences.  I think of the songs they play, I like 19 out of 20 of them.  I need to figure out a way to get this to play in my car.

Commercial Analysis of the Week

This is the latest commercial featuring Honda’s Mr. Opportuniy:

I don’t get it.  Isn’t Mr. Opportunity supposed to be helping Honda sell cars?  Why is he being such a dick and messing up this guy’s sale? 

Is it possible that Mr. Opportunity is a fellow salesman, and they’re all competing for commissions?  Or maybe the salesman similarly sabatoged one of Mr. Opportunity’s sales earlier in the day.  I feel we need to be given some background here.

Top Five of the Week

I’ll try to close each week with a top five list.  This week’s top five will be..My Uneducated Picks for the College Football Rankings.

I’m not a college football fan.  I never really had a team to follow growing up, and my alma mater didn’t have a football team.  So there was no real opportunity for me to become a fan. 

I’m sure Mrs. Cutter is happy about this, since Sundays are already occupied with pro football, she doesn’t also have to work around college games on Saturday.

That said, here are my picks for the top five college teams this season.  Remember that absolutely no research went into these picks whatsoever.

5. Miami – They were really good back in the day, but not so much lately.  But our friends, the Perezburys went there, and they said that the team would be good this season, so I’ll take their word for it.

4. Boise State – Boise State is kind of like a hot indy band, in that they aren’t quite mainstream, so it’s cool to say you’re a fan of them.  So they’re essentially the Death Cab for Cutie of college football.  Are they actually any good?  They seem to be undefeated every year and play in a prominent bowl game, so I guess they must be.  Although I have no idea why.   How does a non-BCS school, located in noted football hotbed Idaho, manage to recruit good enough players to be in “title” contention?  Do kids really enjoy playing on blue turf or something?

3. Ohio State – Doesn’t Ohio State lose in the “championship” game every year and end up at #3?  Seems like a good place to put them then.

2. Florida – Didn’t coach Urban Meyer quit because he felt he was working too hard?  And then he came back because he realized he couldn’t live without football?  With that type of dedication he must be a good coach!  I don’t think he’d come back unless he thought he had a contender on his hands.  

1. Alabama – I’m pretty sure they won the BCS “championship” last year, and I think they have the reigning Heisman Trophy winner.  Isn’t he former NFL player Mark Ingram’s kid?  Anyway, these seem like really good reasons to pick a school, so they’re #1.


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One Response to Introducing…the Weekcap

  1. melaina25 says:

    We let Blondie Boy sleep when he’s tired, because we figured he’s a baby and if he wants to sleep he probably needs to sleep. Seems to work okay for us. You have to do whatever works for you!

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