Weekcap: Rennaisance Faire and WWE Raw

An exciting Labor Day weekend for the Cutters.

On Saturday, the Cutlet spent her first night away from home, as we travelled up to Pennsylvania to stay with her Grammy and Grampy.  We were a little worried about how the Cutlet would do travelling by car for a couple of hours and spending the night in an unfamiliar place. 

Recently, the Cutlet has done well with her bedtime routine, and has been going to sleep relatively quickly and peacefully at night.  We were concerned that by deviating from the normal procedure, it might throw her off and result in a bad night.  Fortunately, we managed to stick to her usual routine as much as possible.  In response, the Cutlet actually slept better than normal. 

This is a very positive sign, as we have a couple of trips to Long Island coming up.  Unfortunately, we will have to fly for those trips, and we’ll see how well the Cutlet handles being on a plane.

After returning home, we decided to spend Labor Day at the Rennaisance Faire.  We weren’t able to attend last year, as we learned about the impending arrival of the Cutlet the night before we were planning to go.  It was cold and rainy that day, so we decided it would be better to just skip it.

Once at the Faire, we found that sitting down and watching the performances was not going to happen.  There was so much noise and energy around, that the Cutlet became a bit overstimulated.  An overstimulated Cutlet usually results in a crying Cutlet.  If we kept moving around, she would sleep, but standing still for long periods was not an option.

We did get to see pieces of a few shows.  We would usually stand in the back of the theater, trying to gently rock the stroller as we watched.  We also got to enjoy some chocolate covered bananas which were excellent.

Sadly, we couldn’t find any baby-sized medeival outfits for the Cutlet to wear.  Mrs. Cutter wanted to get her a little princess hat, but she might just have to wait a little while for that.

We didn’t stay as long as we might have normally (a recurring theme in our lives) but it was still nice that we got to go at all.  Going early in the season is always wise as crowds tend to increase as the year goes on.  It was relatively empty yesterday.

I topped off the weekend by going to see WWE’s Monday Night Raw at the Verizon Center. 

My friend got us floor seats, so we were pretty close to the ring.  This sounds nice, until you realize that you don’t have the best angle to see the ring, and the various cameras and other ringside items can impede your view.  I think I would opt to sit a little higher next time.

I think the highlight of the night may have been when my friend brought me a bottle of water, and the child sitting next to us asked if he was my father.  For the record, I am two years older than my friend.

This Raw wasn’t the best show I’ve been to, but it was a solid night with a few good matches, highlighted by Chris Jericho vs. John Morrison.

Random Picture Found on the Web

While I think it is hilarious that someone would actually shave their head in this way, I have to wonder how long they actually kept it looking like this.  Was it a one-time joke for a party or something?

Random Thought of the Week

I am happy with my decision back in 2007 to stop wearing jeans.  I decided that khaki pants were much more comfortable on a day-to-day basis.  Now, I only wear jeans maybe a few times a year, and it’s almost always because I either REALLY need to do laundry, or I’m wearing a football jersey.

Commercial Analysis of the Week

Speaking of jeans, perhaps the most ridiculous commercial out there is Old Navy’s Booty Reader:

I’m not even sure what is going on in this commercial.  Apparently, Old Navy jeans make your ass so happy that it overwhelms a psychic who specializes in reading the feelings of asses?  And has anyone ever said, “I wear Old Navy jeans because they make my ass look good!”  I thought most people wore Old Navy because they were relatively cheap.  That’s why I used to wear them back when I wore jeans.

(Thanks to Anne for posting this on Facebook last week so that I thought of it)

Top Five of the Week

In honor of yesterday’s wrestling show, I’ll go over my Top Five Current WWE Wrestlers.

5. Edge – Dubbed the “Rated R Superstar,” Edge essentially became famous for sleeping with his fellow wrestler Matt Hardy’s girlfriend.  Because of this, they made his character into a sleazebag, and he caught on with the fans.

4. John Morrison – His character is a tribute to former Doors’ singer Jim Morrison.  He’s a pretty good wrestler, but most importantly, on TV, they show him in slow motion when making his entrance.

3. John Cena – The WWE’s biggest star.  Since the WWE has re-made their programming into more family-friendly fare, Cena has been the face of the company, since he is an 80’s-style good guy who fights for the American spirit and makes fun of the bad guys.

Cena always gets a huge crowd reaction one way or another.  The older fans who started watching in the “Attitude” era of Stone Cold Steve Austin can’t stand him, and typically boo him loudly.  The younger fans love him.  I found it interesting that when I was at a live show a few years back, the crowd was largely split, if not against Cena.  Last night, while there were still some boos, the crowd was mostly in support of him.  I guess it shows that most of the older fans have gone away, and the WWE’s fanbase is getting younger.

2. Chris Jericho – Jericho has gone through many different characters over his career.  Currently, he is an “honest man,” which means he likes to tell other wrestlers – and the fans – how everything they do is wrong.  This typically doesn’t go over to well with the live crowds, yet they can’t help but be impressed by his in-ring performance.

1. The Miz – Former Real World cast member Mike Mizanin has somehow made himself into a great wrestler.  He comes across as a huge prick, yet you can’t help but agree with what he says most of the time.  And his catch phrase is “I’m Awesome!”


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2 Responses to Weekcap: Rennaisance Faire and WWE Raw

  1. tgraham21 says:

    My ridiculous dedication to the RW and RW/RR Challenges demands that I adore the fact that the Miz made it as a wrestler. While I am pleased that Jud from SF is a successful comic writing, I am delighted about the Miz’s fate.

  2. tgraham21 says:

    Of course I meant “comic writer,” not “writing.” Dumbass.

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