Weekcap: Beginnings and Endings

Last week brought us the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah which is the celebration of the new year in the Hebrew calendar. 

The new year is marking some beginnings for us: The Cutlet is starting day care (more on this next week), and of course, the NFL season has begun.  Sadly, the new year has also brought some sadness with it, as last week marked the passing of my grandfather. 

His death was not unexpected as he was 96 years old, and had been in declining health over the past couple of months.  It was almost a relief that he passed away, as he was in considerable pain the last few weeks.  

And although it is sad that he is gone, it is comforting to know that he lived an especially great life.  He served in World War II, and afterwards, came home to start a successful clothing business.  He remained active for the majority of his life, as he was playing tennis into his 80s, and after his legs wouldn’t allow him to do that anymore, he switched over to golf.  Those activities helped keep him young, as you would have never guessed his age by looking at him.

He also had a large family whom he loved dearly.  I am very thankful that we were able to go visit him last weekend, and he was able to meet his great-granddaughter.

We will all miss him.

Random Thought of the Week

Today is election day.  I’m planning to vote, although I really don’t know much about any of the candidates for any of the offices.  I plan to do some internet research, but I already know one person who will receive my vote.

Every day in the mail, we receive fliers from various candidates.  At first, I looked them over, but nothing really made an impression.  Now, they all go right into the recycling bin.  Except for one…

Hans Reimer is a candidate for Montgomery County Council.  We have received several of his fliers, and they make me laugh every time I see them.  Maybe it’s because his name reminds me of the villain from Die Hard, and he kind of looks like he might be the villain in an action movie. 

Whatever the reason, whenever I see his flier, I will now pick it up and say to Mrs. Cutter in a fake German accent, “If you do not vote for Hans Reimer, you will suffer the consequences!”

Even better, whenever the Cutlet is crying or won’t go to sleep, we keep threatening her that if she doesn’t behave, Hans Reimer is going to come get her.  “If you do not go to sleep, Hans Reimer will make you go to sleep!”  I’m considering taping his picture above her crib.

I know nothing about Reimer’s political platform.  But I feel I really have no choice but to vote for him.  I certainly do not want to feel his wrath.

Random Picture Found on the Web

Here is Mr. Reimer.  Vote or you shall pay.

Commercial Analysis of the Week

A few thoughts on this commercial:

1. F*** Comcast.  Why did they change their cable service name to Xfinity?  How lame is that?  Are we supposed to say: “Xfinity?  What’s that?  A new company?  It sounds exciting!  Sign me up!”  I have a feeling that despite the new name, you’ll get the same crappy service.

2. I know it has been said before, but…WTF is with Tom Brady’s hair?

3. Comcast (excuse me, Xfinity) wants us to believe that their service is the best one for football fans because they have the NFL Network and the NFL Red Zone channel?  Really?  This is how you’re trying to convince football fans to switch to your service?

Don’t all cable providers have the NFL Network and Red Zone?  Maybe someone should point out to Tom Brady and his Xfinity buddies that the only way to see every game is by ordering the NFL Season Ticket package, and that is only available on DirecTV.  I’d say DirecTV is a much better option if football is your main criteria for deciding on a cable provider.

Maybe they should spend less time changing their name and more time providing adequate customer service.

4. F*** Comcast.  I felt it had to be said again.

Top Five of the Week

In honor of my grandfather, here are the Top Five Things that Remind Me of Him:

5. Busboys – As my grandfather once said, a hardworking busboy can be worth his weight in gold.

4. Queen Latifah – Or as he referred to her, “that heavyset black woman in the movie Chicago.”

3. Blazing Saddles – I watched this movie with him and learned some words that I probably shouldn’t have.

2. The Charleston – He once demonstrated how to do this dance in the middle of a Walgreens.

1. Chocolate Mousse – Not the food, but rather the character from the movie Top Secret.  For whatever reason, my grandfather was really taken by him:

Remember to vote!  (or else feel the wrath of Hans Reimer!)


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2 Responses to Weekcap: Beginnings and Endings

  1. Tonic says:

    This is an especially great edition of The Cutter Rambles. (Hans Reimer did not make me say this…however I felt I must in order to avoid The Consequences.) It was touching and funny all at the same time.

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