Weekcap: The Cutlet Goes to Daycare

The Cutlet has started going to day care full time now.  And so far she seems to be doing rather well.  She sleeps for much of the morning, but her teachers report that she has been playing  and interacting well with the other children.  She even generally avoids her screaming fits during the day.

That may just be because she’s saving them up for her parents in the evening.  We’re pretty much assured of at least one period of extended crying between 7 and 8 PM.  Such is life.

Now that she’s back at work, Mrs. Cutter and I are trying to figure out our new morning routine.  We’re still trying to determine the optimal time to wake up so we can get ourselves ready, get her fed and dressed, and then get to work on time.  Of course, our timing is dependent on what time the Cutlet decides that she wants to get up and eat.  Some mornings she’ll sleep past 7 AM.  But other mornings, she seems to want an early start to the day, and Mrs. Cutter has to get up and feed her earlier than she’d prefer.

Fortunately, the Cutlet is generally happiest in the morning so she isn’t too difficult to deal with.  If we have to leave her alone in her chair for a few minutes, she usually doesn’t get upset.  That is until it is time to put her in her car seat.

The Cutlet does not like being put into her car seat.  She’ll scream – and the screaming intensifies when I strap her in – and usually won’t stop until I start to carry her around.  But once she’s in the car, she usually falls alseep rather quickly.  This is a good thing, as I’ve found that dropping off a sleeping baby at daycare is much easier than dropping off one that is wide awake.

Random Thought of the Week

I don’t listen to the radio all that much these days.  But after listening to the radio this weekend I have to wonder what happened to hip hop music?   When did it become a prerequisite for all hip hop songs to use auto-tune?  Seriously, was T-Pain that much of a trailblazer?

There’s only one man who should be using auto-tune, and that’s the Blizzard Man!


Random Picture Found on the Web

Nothing like a depressing Calvin and Hobbes parody!

Commercial Analysis of the Week

Here’s one of the latest SportsCenter commercials:

Now you’re probably thinking that it was the Phillie Phanatic that used Derek Jeter’s razor.  But you’d be wrong.  Because the Phillie Phanatic is actually a rare breed of bird.  So he wouldn’t have hair, he would have feathers.  So I’m not sure who used Jeter’s razor, but I don’t think it was the Phanatic.

Top Five of the Week

I’m sure there are plenty of good ones I’ve missed, but here are my Top Five Sports Center Commercials:

5. The Mannings – You think the two of them team up and make fun of Cooper at family gatherings?

4. Conditioning coach – I think pretty much anything involving Richard Simmons is hilaruous.

3. Jimmy Rollins – To help celebrate the Phillies’ latest division title, I included this clip.

2. Ochocinco – That really would be an awesome touchdown celebration.

1. Catch Phrases – Where have you gone, Ken Griffey, Jr?

About The Cutter

I am the Cutter. I write some stuff. You might like it, you might not. Please decide for yourself.
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