The DVR – Man’s Greatest Invention?

Sunday is sports day.  On Sundays, you’re supposed to either watch or play sports.  Sometimes both!  Everyone knows (or should know) this.

But this particular Sunday, I had a conflict.  Both the Eagles and Phillies were their games at approximately the same time on Sunday night.  So what was I to do?

In years past, I would have had two options:

1. Furiously switch back and forth between the games, inevitably missing the key moments of both.

2. Watch one live, tape the other, and watch the recording afterwards.  Which would mean a very late night.

But fortunately, mankind has been blessed with one of the greatest inventions ever: The DVR!

Thanks to the DVR, I was able to record both games, and switch between them.  I didn’t have to miss a moment of game time, and thanks to the good old fast forward button, I saved the time that normally would have been spent watching commercials and other various filler.

I started with the Phillies as that game started earlier.  Once the Eagles game started, I began to alternate between the two, usually switching after an inning or series was completed.

After I had finished watching the first half of the Eagles game, I decided to watch the rest of the Phillies game straight through.  And once Cole Hamels had finished off the Reds, I switched back to the Eagles game and the entire second half of their win over the 49ers.  It still ended up being a late night, but it was still much earlier than it would have been five years ago.

Recording two HD sporting events at the same time does take up a lot of space on the DVR’s hard drive.  If the games had gone long, I would have had to make some choices about what saved programs would have to go.  It would be a shame if I couldn’t see the end of WWE SmackDown or Mrs. Cutter had to miss an episode of Jersey Shore.

But fortunately, the games ended in a timely fashion, and all our recorded shows were saved.  Hooray for the DVR!

Random Thought of the Week

Since there were no sports games of particular interest for me on TV Sunday afternoon, Mrs. Cutter and I were freed up to go out and get some things done.

Our first stop?  The mall.

Want to know how to tell that Mrs. Cutter has fully entered “Mom Mode” or at the very least full adulthood?  Her reaction to what teenage girls wear to the mall.

“Why are they wearing such skimpy outfits?  They’re at the mall, and it isn’t even that warm out!”

Apparently, she has completely forgotten the mindset of teenagers.  Personally, I just cringe knowing that it won’t be long before I start arguing with the Cutlet over what is appropriate dress.

Meanwhile, I was distracted by the guy wearing an Ed Hardy T-shirt, faux-ripped jeans, and about a pound of gel in his hair, allowing it to spike up. The guy was the walking definition of trendiness. 

Maybe I’m not the right person to judge since I make almost no effort to impress people with how I dress.  But I really have to wonder why some people put so much effort into looking trendy.  I mean, how much time did this guy spend getting ready to go out to the mall on a Sunday afternoon?

Commercial Analysis of the Week

One of TBS’ promos for their new upcoming Conan O’Brien show:

If you’ve been watching the baseball playoffs, you’d know that Conan is coming to TBS.  This is because they won’t stop talking about it! 

Even if you’re able to fast forward through the commercials, that won’t save you from the Conan promoting.  I think the announcers are being forced to mention the show at any given opportunity no matter how unnatural it might sound:

Announcer 1: “The Reds hitters are having a tough time this series.”

Announcer 2: “That’s probably because they’re so excited about Conan coming to TBS!  Starting November 8th!”

Based on the upcry over his removal from the Tonight Show, Conan apparently has a huge following.  I just wonder if any of them will actually watch the show this time around?  Or will they just catch all the best bits on the internet like they did before?

Random Picture Found on the Web

That is one honest fortune cookie.

Top Five of the Week

Since the Phillies have advanced to their third straight NLCS thanks to some amazing pitching performances including a no-hitter by Roy Halladay, I will give you the Top Five Phillies Starting Pitchers of All-Time:

5. Terry Mulholland – Maybe not historically great, but he’s one of my favorites, so I couldn’t really exclude him.

4. Curt Schilling – He went on to greater fame and championships with the Diamondbacks and Red Sox, but he had several good years with the Phillies, including possibly the best pitched postseason game in team history with his 2-0 win in the 1993 World Series.

3. Grover Cleveland Alexander – The leader of the Phillies’ 1915 National League championship team.  In the movie “The Winning Team” he was portrayed by Ronald Reagan.

2. Robin Roberts – The ace of the Phillies in the 50s, he led the 1950 “Whiz Kids” to the World Series.  Sadly he died earlier this season, and the Phillies have hung his #36 jersey in the dugout ever since.

1. Steve Carlton – While a bizzare person off the field, he was great on it, winning four Cy Young Awards.  His 1972 season when he won 27 games for a team that only won 59 is the greatest in franchise history.


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One Response to The DVR – Man’s Greatest Invention?

  1. Mrs. Cutter says:

    I understand that Madson is not a starting pitcher, but I still must voice my concern that he was left out of the top five list. How can you talk about Phillies pitchers without talking about the greatest one yet? MADSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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