Love and Sickness in Long Island

For the second weekend in a row, Mrs. Cutter, the Cutlet, and I flew up to Long Island.  The previous weekend we were up for one of Mrs. Cutter’s cousin’s Sweet 16 party, and this weekend was for a different cousin’s wedding.  Hopefully in the future, her relatives will do a better job of scheduling their functions further apart, especially considering all the other travel we’ve had to do for work recently.

We arrived relatively early on Saturday, stopped in at the Mom-in-Law’s house for some lunch (leftover Chinese food – this will come into play later on) and then off to the ceremony.  Oddly enough, the ceremony was at the same church where another of Mrs. Cutter’s friends got married last year. 

During the rehearsal for that wedding, I remembered that one of the church ladies was really mean and bossy, and pretty much ordered around all of the bridesmaids.  The same church lady was present for this wedding as well, and when Mrs. Cutter went up to do a reading, she yelled at her for walking too quickly.  Not sure what her problem is.

There was a nearly five hour gap between the ceremony and reception, so we went back to the Mom-in-Law’s house to supoosedly relax.  Unfortunately, my stomach started feeling upset.  I hoped it would quickly pass, but instead it started getting worse.  I tried taking some bismuth and drinking some soda, but nothing seemed to decrease the amount of nausea I was experiencing.

Despite the queasiness, we got into the car and headed to the reception.  Unfortunately, the reception wasn’t especially close by, and to get there we had to take perhaps the bumpiest road in Long Island.  Coincidentally, on Christmas 2005, I had to drive Mrs. Cutter down the same road when she had a stomach ailment.  It wasn’t pleasant for her then, and it certainly wasn’t pleasant for me.

As we approached the reception hall, I realized that I was not going to make it.  I had Mrs. Cutter pull over, and I raced to a nearby parking lot where I emptied the contents of my stomach into a plastic bag that I had wisely brought along.  After doing so, I felt somewhat improved, so we continued to the reception.

Long Island weddings are known for their extravagant food supply, but sadly, I didn’t really feel like eating much.  I had several ginger ales and some crackers during the cocktail hour.  And after being seated at our dinner table, I had a few bites of the first couple of courses, but really didn’t feel up to eating much more.

I was actually able to dance and socialize for a bit, but after awhile, I started feeling very nauseous again.  I walked around outside to try and settle myself, but then soon realized that my stomach was not going to allow me to stay much longer.  I informed Mrs. Cutter of this, and then headed to the bathroom.

I might have been okay, except that the bathroom attendant had apparently just doused the room with a very pungent air freshener.  I think I now have an idea how the people in the newsroom must have felt when they smelled Sex Panther:

You can figure out what happened next.  Let me tell you that ginger ale tastes much better going down than coming up.

This time, the evacuation did not make me feel much better.  On the ride home when Mrs. Cutter asked me how I felt, I said I didn’t feel human, because all different parts of my body were sending me signals, and they all conflicted.  We had to make another pit stop on the way home before I was able to thankfully climb into bed.

I’m not sure if it was due to a sudden virus (always possible with a baby around) or the Chinese food going bad.  My in-laws swear that it couldn’t have been the food since they had some of the other leftovers, and they eat there all the time.  Still, I was the only one who had the beef and broccoli, and I noticed that they did throw it out afterwards.

The reception itself was very nice (at least as much of it as I saw).  When the bride danced with her father, they started out with a slow dance, and then put on sparkling gloves and danced to a medly of Michael Jackson songs.  It was quite cool, and I already told the Cutlet we would be doing something similar at her wedding.

After a somewhat restless night of sleep, I wasn’t quite up to full speed the next day.  This was not great news as I would be flying back with the Cutlet.  Mrs. Cutter would not join us as she was flying to Orlando for a work conference.  It’s been a horrible experience for her so far, as she’s been sleeping well, and getting free tickets to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.

When I have to travel for work, I have to go to friggin’ Iowa and New Jersey.  She gets to go to Orlando.  This is not fair.

Fortunately, the Mom-in-law came along to help out, and despite it being a full flight, the Cutlet was very well behaved, and actually slept in my arms for most of the flight.  Good girl.

Random Thought of the Week

I was trying to decide whether I liked it better if a TV show begins with an origin episode or if the first episode is just a typical episode, and they establish the origin in a later, flashback episode.

I think I prefer them just throwing you into things, and save the origin story forlater.  Origin stories can sometimes be bland, and considering how impatient networks can be that’s not a good thing.   Plus, it’s always nice to have a little sense of mystery.

Of course, a show can do what Lost did, and kind of take both approaches.

Random Picture Found on the Web

Yeah, I’ve got to figure that Snoop would make some good brownies.  But I wouldn’t eat them if I was appying for a government job.

Commercial Analysis of the Week

This week, we’ll look at PlayStation’s latest advertisement for their Move adapter.

First off – MILF! 

Second, could PlayStation at least admit that they’re ripping off the Wii, but are a good four years behind?  I mean, is there anyone out there who wanted to play these types of games who doesn’t already have a Wii?

I mean, maybe there were some people who had a PS3, and simply couldn’t afford or didn’t want to buy another console.  But I feel that the two consoles pretty much had separate markets, and the PS3 may not get too much interest in this.  Especially since the XBox now has a similar adaptor that doesn’t even use a controller.

Top Five of the Week

In honor of this past weekend’s nuptuals, here are my Top Five Songs to be Played at a Wedding:

5. Hava Negila – Maybe it’s more fitting for a Jewish wedding, but hey, is there anything that isn’t made better by dancing the Horah?

4.  Total Eclipse of the Heart – Mostly because people over age 40 can’t figure out why all the young people are adding profanities to the lyrics.

3. The Way You Look Tonight – Because if you don’t play something by Frank Sinatra, one of the couple’s grandparents will be royally pissed.

2. Don’t Stop Believin’ – It’s amazing the look of joy that you see on some people’s faces when this song stars playing.

1. Livin’ on a Prayer – If I’ve learned one thing in my life, it is that white people love Bon Jovi.

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One Response to Love and Sickness in Long Island

  1. Robin says:

    Hey, Black people love Bon Jovi too! The wedding list looks like a Tri-State standard. That beef & broccoli situation sounds suspicious ;). Glad you’re doing better.

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