Happy Cutter Day!

Tomorrow is one of the best days of the year: Cutter Day!

Cutter Day is of course the day before Thanksgiving, which is typically filled with fun activities. 

In the past, back when I did those sorts of things, it was one of the drinkingest days of the year.  Throughout my twenties, it was a given that when I headed out to the bars near my parents’ house on Thanksgiving Eve, I’d be sure to see a bunch of people I knew from high school.

Since I no longer go up to my parents’ house for Thanksgiving, I kind of miss those informal reunions.  But I’m sure that at this age, I probably wouldn’t even recognize anyone if I did go out.  I’m guessing that much of my generation has moved past that.

At some point – I believe it was 2002 – my father and I started going to Atlantic City on Cutter Day.  The casinos are usually relatively empty, so we’d pretty much have the run of the place.  This continued until recent years when Squinty and I (and a few others) would take a bus trip for the day

Sadly, with the departure of Squinty and the introduction of the Cutlet, taking a day-long bus trip up to AC was not in the cards this year.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t still have fun.  First, I’m going to the Verizon Center tonight to watch the Wizards take on the 76ers.  Surprisingly, tickets were available to watch these two subpar teams.

And tomorrow, Mrs. Cutter and I are dropping the Cutlet off at daycare, and having a fun day for ourselves.  We are going to see the movie “The Social Network” and do some other activites.

And if anyone thinks it’s wrong to drop the baby off at daycare even though we’re not going to work…if you’d like to watch her for the day, you are more than welcome.   But since we already paid for daycare, we won’t pay you to do so.

Random Thought of the Week

Squinty has left his home state of Maryland to move to Las Vegas.  I anxiously await attending his wedding to a showgirl in a couple of years.

In the meantime, I will be needing a local replacement for him.  Hopefully one of my future new best friends (aka the parents of the Cutlet’s friends) will be able to do the job.

Random Picture Found on the Web

This is the cover of a book from the “Penetrator” series.  Judging by the cover, I’d say that the Penetrator is a badass renegade cop in the Dirty Harry mold.

This looks like it is from the late 70s/early 80s.  Even back then, I can’t imagine that the publishers were taking this seriously.  I mean, this has got to be done in jest, right?

Commercial Analysis of the Week

Here is the commercial for the Nissan Juke in which the driver is determined to get donuts for his business meeting:

This raises a few questions:

– Is this car designed for douchebags?

– I realize they say “Professional driver, closed course” but aren’t they essentially encouraging people to take stupid risks when driving this car?  It certainly seems that way.

– That donut store can’t possibly be happy with the guy.  First, he unnecessarily breaks the window.  And then he doesn’t even pay for the donuts.  Why don’t the employees seem to care about all this?  Or are they just in shock? 

It does play into my theory that if you walked into a fast food store, and just started taking money out of the register, the emplyees would probably allow you to do it if you simply told them, “No, it’s OK.” 

I’m thinking that most fast food employees aren’t there to think.  When faced with a difficult situation, they simply want to be told that everything is OK.

– Considering he saved the day and brought the donuts, his boss doesn’t appear that happy with him?  Why?  Is it because he was late to the meeting, and obviously planned to be late to the meeting, since he was still en route when he got the original call?

Or maybe it’s because the guy is obviously a douchebag.

Top Five of the Week

Even though I won’t be going to a casino this year, in homage to my former Cutter Day tradition, I’ll list my Top Five Casinos

5. Showboat – It’s really nothing special now, but when I was younger there was a bowling alley there that had electronic scoring.  And that was awesome!

4. Las Vegas Club – Located in downtown Las Vegas, this place is great.  The dealers are dressed up in baseball uniforms, they have cheap tables and daily giveaways, plus I’ve had success there.

3. Ballys Atlantic City – As a child I remember walking through this casino and thinking the decor was really cool looking.  I imagined that it was secretly the base of the evil Shadow Empire, which was part of a comic book story I had come up with.

2. Harrah’s New Orleans – The site of my best gambling day ever, and where I broke my long losing streak last year.

1. The Flamingo – Between the outdoor zoo, the great pool area, the awesome buffet, and memories of my first legal gambling, this one holds a spot dear to my heart.

Happy Cutter Day everyone, and of course happy Thanksgiving too!


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I am the Cutter. I write some stuff. You might like it, you might not. Please decide for yourself.
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2 Responses to Happy Cutter Day!

  1. Squinty says:

    You have a typo

    started taking money out of the register, the emplyees would

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