Very Superstitious

This past Sunday was a sad day for me.  It was the first Sunday after the Philadelphia Eagles were eliminated from the playoffs.

It’s always sad when you wake up on a Sunday and know that while football is still being played, your team is no longer eligible to win the Super Bowl.  Of course, I should be quite used to this feeling since the Eagles have never won the Super Bowl, and haven’t won an NFL title in the past 50 years.

As Mrs. Cutter could tell you, I am quite superstitious about my teams, and I have built up quite a few habits or rituals which I must perform before or during games. 

I will note that I’ve gotten a lot better since my grade school days.  I once went a week without watching TV because I thought I might accidentally view something that would be harmful to the Temple University’s basketball team’s chances.

But I still hold on to quite a few superstitions.  Some of my more notable include: Wearing a different jersey depending on whether the Eagles’ game is played during the day or night and not washing my jersey unless it was a bye week.  Also, while watching games, I’ve made Mrs. Cutter change seats on the couch because I needed to be sitting in certain spots on the couch at certain times.

But I now have to wonder why do I continue to do these things considering they have never paid off?  I mean, it would be one thing had the Eagles won the Super Bowl at one point and I was just constantly repeating things from that season.  At least in that scenario, I’d have some history of success.  But no, I’m essentially  bowing to superstitions that have NEVER worked. 

So next NFL season, no more superstitions.  I will not insanely adhere to any pregame rituals or lucky traditions.  Because no matter how lucky they may be, they have yet to deliver me a Super Bowl win.

(Note to Mrs. Cutter: I reserve the right to withdraw this statement as early as the second half of week one)

Random Thought of the Week

Now that we are a family of three, Mrs. Cutter and I have been looking into the possibility of moving on to a new home.  Of course, in order to move, we would have to sell our current condo. 

And that is where the problem lies.  Upon looking into the possibility of selling, we were faced with the realities of the current housing market. 

Mrs. Cutter and I bought our condo in late 2006.  Anyone who has followed the housing market knows that this was not the best time to buy.  It seemed like an optimal time, since housing prices had already dropped off from their 2005 highs.  But little did we know that housing prices would continue to drop over the next two years.

You hear about all these stories about short sales and foreclosures, and now I understand how it happens to people.  Fortunately, unlike those people, we are not in a desperate situation.  We can certainly stay put for another couple of years, and if we really needed to get out, we would be able to without ruining ourselves. 

So for our neighbors who enjoy having us nearby, I have some good news: It looks like we aren’t going anywhere for a little while.

Random Photo Found on the Web


This is an action figure of Jek Porkins from Star Wars.  I always found it kind of funny that they named the fat pilot Porkins.

One Hit Wonder of the Week

As a new recurring feature, each week I’ll present a song that was a band’s only hit.  We’ll start off with one of my favorites: “Just a Friend” by Biz Markie.

Biz may have only had one hit song, but he’s managed to extend his fifteen minutes of fame absurdly long.  He goes on musical tours (must be a lot of filler), guest spots on other artists’ records, and makes random acting appearances.

Top Five of the Week

Here are my Top 5 Worst Philadelphia Eagles Playoff Losses (that I have watched)

5. Dallas Cowboys, January 2009 – I didn’t think the Eagles were that good, but it was sickening to watch Cowboys owner Jerry Jones slapping hands with George W. Bush after a Cowboys’ touchdown.

4. Carolina Panthers, January 2004 – The third of three straight losses in the NFC Championship game. 

3. Dallas Cowboys, January 1993 – I was convinced that the Eagles were destined for the Super Bowl this year.  Instead, it was just the start of a Cowboys dynasty.

2. New England Patriots – Super Bowl 39, January 2005 – Several blown opportunities early on, and then horrible clock management at the end.

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, January 2003 – This should have been the Eagles’ year to win the Super Bowl.  It didn’t seem possible that they could lose this game.  They lost.


About The Cutter

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2 Responses to Very Superstitious

  1. Squinty says:

    Porkins also was a trucker who sweated a tad. He is wearing a Harley-Davidson shirt under the flight suit, which they only had one of.

    I’ll never forgive you for not going with me to see Biz Markie and Slick Rick at the End Zone in Gaithersburg

  2. Melaina25 says:

    I love that Biz Markie song, but probably not as much as I love the parody of it 🙂

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