Stupid Aliens

First off, please check out my new blog: The Ad Pundit.

For those of you who might have wondered why I don’t do commercial reviews as part of my weekcaps anymore, it’s because I’ve spun them off to their own blog.  This week, I’m looking back on commercials from past Super Bowls.

If nothing else, it’s worth checking out the review of the Forever Lazy ad.

This past week was not a stellar one in the Cutter household.  The area got hit with snow and ice, and as a result, we were once again left without electricity.

On Wednesday night, the lights began flickering, we saw a big flash of light outside, and then everything went dark.  Based on our past track record with Pepco, we figured that the lights weren’t coming back on anytime soon.

We were correct.  Power was not restored until Friday night, leaving us without electricity for over 48 hours. 

This is not a good thing to have happen when you have an infant at home.  We were forced to find alternate accomodations for Thursday, but fortunately, our friends the Perezburys were kind enough to take us in.

I’m sure Pepco will blame the heavy tree cover in the area, even though there have been reports that the real issue is their crappy equipment.  It also doesn’t help that they were too cheap to bring in outside contractors to help them until the next day.

At least Pepco’s lousy equipment did provide us with some entertainment.  About an hour after the power went out, we noticed that the sky outside our condo was growing brighter.  At first we thought it was snow lightning.

But then, the sky got even brighter and began to change colors, accompanied by some strange electrical sounds.  Mrs. Cutter and I both began to suspect that we were under alien attack. 

It kind of seemed like how an alien attack would go.  First, they cut the power.  Then we’d start seeing lights from above.

Unfortunately, the real cause of the lights and sound was not nearly as exciting.  It was just a Pepco transformer exploding.  Apparently, someone got some close up video of the event:

Fortunately, Pepco may be forced to get their act together soon.  My favorite politician, Hans Riemer is on the case!  And we all know that if you do not listen to Hans Riemer, there will be consequences!

Random Thought of the Week

If we were attacked by aliens, I realize that I’d pretty much be a goner.  I have no real weapons on hand, and I have to watch out for the Cutlet.

Then again, Tom Cruise somehow managed to survive in War of the Worlds, so maybe I’d get lucky.

Random Picture Found on the Web

This is a picture of a woman getting attacked by a seagull as she attempts to do the Titanic pose.

One Hit Wonder of the Week

This week’s one hit wonder is one of my favorites.

The time was 1982.  The entire country was swept up in Pac-Man mania, and a young Cutter was no exception.  I couldn’t wait until I got to go to the arcade and play Pac-Man.  Not only did I enjoy playing the game, but I also bought a ton of related merchandise.

I watched the cartoon.  I had the portable home game.  I had hats and T-shirts.  And most importantly, I had this record:

It’s Pac-Man Fever by Buckner & Garcia!

The duo certainly capitalized on the game’s popularity, as this record was their only hit.  They tried to recreate their success with the follow up  “Do the Donkey Kong” but that song never caught on.

Top Five of the Week

Thinking about Pac-Man has given me a chance to come up with my Top Five Favorite 80s Arcade Games:

5. Star Wars – I thought it was really cool how they had the sound clips from the movie in the game.  “Red Five standing by!”

4. Frogger – I loved frogs as a child, so it was only natural that I liked this game.

3. Tron – Not only is it based on my favorite movie, but it is also an excellent game.

2. Pac-Man – It was a simple game, and yet it had the entire country addicted.

1. Punch-Out!! – I was obsessed with this game.  The night when I defeated Mr. Sandman to win the belt was one of the biggest moments of my young life.


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One Response to Stupid Aliens

  1. Mrs. Cutter says:

    Ironic – You like frogs, but you do not like Magnolia when frogs come raining down from the sky.

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