Thoughts on the Super Bowl

Unlike recent years, Mrs. Cutter and I did not have a big Super Bowl party planned.  We figured a houseful of loud people was not a good mix with a sleeping baby.

So this year, it would just be the two of us watching the game at home.  At the very least, this was an improvement over last year when we didn’t have electricity and were forced to leave home.

Without a bunch of people around, I was actually able to concentrate on the TV broadcast more than in past years.  I’m not entirely sure that’s a good thing.

So here are my thoughts from Sunday.  WARNING: There may be quite a bit of randomness here:

Per tradition, I watched the two Super Bowl themed Simpsons episodes on Sunday afternoon.  I can pretty much recite “Lisa the Greek” by heart.  An underrated highlight of the second episode is the fake commercial for the Catholic church.

Before the game, Mrs. Cutter had been watching The Princess Diaries, but at around 5:30, I told her that we had to change the channel.  It seemed kind of wrong to be watching a movie for tween girls immediately before the Super Bowl.

I realized that if I was a player in the game, I might go absolutely insane.  I imagine them in the locker room, getting really pumped up, and then running out onto the field, ready to rock.  But then, they have to stand around for about 45 minutes waiting for all the pregame ceremonies to end.

Did we really need to have someone sing America the Beautiful before the national anthem?  Oh, well apparently ATB was sung by a girl from the show Glee (coincidentally, airing immediately after the game!) so I’m guessing Fox had something to do with that decision.

It’s kind of sad that I didn’t even notice that Christina Aguileira botched the national anthem.  I was busy trying to see if she’d go over the six second over/under on how long she held the word “Brave.”  For the record, she went WAY over.  And yeah, it was bad that she botched the anthem, but let’s cut her some slack.  It is a difficult song to sing.

I thought the commercials were pretty good this year.  Oh, and speaking of commercials, make sure you head over to The Ad Pundit where I review some of them!

People have said that this was a poorly played game.  But I thought the defenses looked solid.  This was some of the best tackling I’ve seen in a Super Bowl in quite some time.

I am really disappointed in the way Fox did not sufficiently advertise the fact that the Black Eyed Peas were performing at halftime.  Seriously, there was a chance I wasn’t paying attention the first 500 times they mentioned it.

What did I think about the halftime show?  Well, the Black Eyed Peas went with a Tron-like theme, so that was kind of cool.  If they had just stood there in Tron costumes and lip synched, I think I would have been fine with it.  But they sang, and were off-key.

They brought out Slash, which once again prompted the question: Is Slash even cool anymore?  It was at this point that I was unhappy that Squinty had moved to Las Vegas and was not watching the game with us.  I guess Slash is indeed still cool somehow.

If anyone had any doubts whether they had moved away from the more buttoned down halftime shows of recent years, those doubts were erased when Usher came out.  I mean, what was that crap?

Once Usher did not fall from his harness (RIP Owen Hart) I think I tuned it out.  I think the only thing that could have saved this halftime show at this point would have been for Janet Jackson to run up and flash her nipple.  What happened to the good old days of Up With People?

Even though we didn’t have guests over, that didn’t stop Mrs. Cutter from making her Super Bowl chili.  This year’s chili may have been her best ever, so maybe it’s a good thing that I didn’t have to share.  I will say that there should be a rule that if a woman serves her husband chili in the first half of a game, she can not complain about any flatulance in the second half.

I started reviewing ads in the third quarter, and I didn’t pay close attention to the game.  Perhaps my enthusiasm was muted when Mrs. Cutter didn’t get all my witty football related comments.  Once again, Squinty’s absence was a huge loss for this game.  Of course, Mrs. Cutter might have been too distracted by the game of Angry Birds that she was involved with.

During the pregame shows, it seemed like everyone was tripping over themselves to annoint Steelers’ quarterback Ben Roethlisberger as a Hall of Famer.  I think they might want to back off that talk for awhile.  While he has played in three Super Bowls, he’s played poorly in two of them.  Everyone seems to forget his performance in Super Bowl XL was largely declared the worst performance ever by a winning QB.

I was amazed that the game came down to a play where they could have called a penalty on the Packers…and it wasn’t called.  Maybe I should reconsider my theory that there’s an NFL conspiracy to have the Steelers win. 

But then I remember that the NFL also wants Green Bay to succeed, and maybe the NFL thought that having Roethlisberger win this season wasn’t necessarily the best thing for them.  And in hindsight, I think the game should have been a Packers’ blowout.  But the NFL made sure that the game was close so that the Steelers could save face.

So is it possible that the Eagles were the second best team in the league, but got saddled with a bad draw, having to face the Packers in the first round?  Then again, had the Eagles not made their miracle comeback against the Giants, the Packers might not have even made the playoffs.  Go figure.

After the game, the winning team celebrates, Aaron Rodgers is named MVP (which is of course a big “F*** you” to Brett Favre) and before he can properly celebrate, he has to listen to Terry Bradshaw recite a commercial for the Chevy Camaro.  I would have given Rodgers mad props if he had just grabbed the mic from Bradshaw. 

And so, football season is officially over.  Which brings us to the Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul.  Although in all honesty, the LDTTOTS really started for me a few weeks ago when the Eagles lost.

Sadly, we may not get more football for quite some time because there’s no labor contract, and the owners are set on holding a lockout.  Apparently, the owners feel that the billions that they’re making isn’t enough, and the players are taking home too much of the revenue.   I don’t expect this to get resolved anytime soon, mostly because NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is an assclown.  I don’t know if he really thinks that fans want an 18 game schedule, but that’s the stance he’s taken.

Random Picture Found on the Web

Here’s Santonio Holmes and Mickey Mouse:

I assume this took place after Super Bowl XLIII.  This scene will not be taking place again this season.

I’ll conclude with my Top Five Favorite Super Bowls that I’ve Watched. 

Keep in mind that this list mostly features games from recent years.  This is mostly because as a child, I don’t recall paying close attention to the game.  And then for awhile, the games were mostly blowouts.

5. XXXI – Packers vs. Patriots – The first time I could drink while watching and didn’t have to worry about getting up early the next day.  Sigh…I miss college.

4. XLIII – Steelers vs. Cardinals – It was a surprisingly nice day, so we played half time flip cup.  And the second half of this game was very entertaining.

3. XXXII – Broncos vs. Packers – Had a lot of fun watching this one, and in hindsight, it was great that Brett Favre was denied a second title.

2. XLII – Giants vs. Patriots – Just to see the heartbreak on the faces of Patriots fans.

1. XXXVI – Patriots vs. Rams – I got hellaciously drunk, and it was a great game and the underdogs won in a dramatic conclusion.


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One Response to Thoughts on the Super Bowl

  1. Alena says:

    I dislike #2 on your list of favorite Super Bowls, for obvious reasons.

    Dana and I were totally wondering what you thought of the Black Eyed Peas’ outfits during the Super Bowl, since you’re such a huge Tron fan. Your response did not disappointing.

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