Mexico – Part One

For the wedding of our friends Mitchelada and the now former No Vowels (Who will henceforth be known as FNV) we travelled to Puerto Aventuras in Mexico. 

This was my second trip to Mexico.  When I was 9, my family had been staying in San Diego, and we walked into Tijuana for the day.  I remember my mother’s amazement that to enter a foreign country, you didn’t need a passport and merely had to pass through a revolving door.  Things are a little more regulated now.

They tell you to arrive at the airport two hours before your flight for international trips, but I can not figure out why.  They do have to check your passport, but that process took about two minutes.  The rest of the extra time was spent sitting around waiting for our flight.

Eventually we did take off, and upon landing at the Cancun airport, Mrs. Cutter and I were amused to see a large advertisement for Corona on the airport tower.  I guess product placement isn’t limited to the United States.

Here are some highlights and lowlights from our trip:

Lowlight: Immigration and Customs

When the plane lands at a vacation destination, you are typically full of excitement and ready to start having fun. 

Nothing kills that buzz like having to go through the immigration line twice.  I accidentally missed filling out a section on the immigration form, so instead of just completing it on the spot, they made me go back and wait in line again.  Once we got through that, we had to wait in a long line for customs.  I was half expecting them to ask us to look at some etchings when we were done.

Surprisingly, upon returning to the United States, this process went much quicker.  I don’t know if that was because we arrived at a less busy time of day, or if it was simply because we were US citizens.  But from my perspective, it seemed much easier to get into the US than it was to enter Mexico.

Highlight: The all-inclusive resort

We were staying at the Dreams resort which is all-inclusive.  This means that food and drinks are included in the cost of the room.

When the Cutlet was born, I gave up alcohol.  But since we left her at home, and the drinks were free, I decided to make an exception for this trip.

Since we were staying at a tropical resort, I thought it was acceptable to have a variety of fruity, tropical drinks.  Our favorite was the “Leaping Lizard” which involved banana and Midori.

It is pretty fun being able to just go to the bar and grab drinks without worrying about how much it was going to cost.  During a pool volleyball game, my drink was spilled.  Normally I would have been upset by this, since that would have set me back about $10.  But here, it didn’t matter!  I just grabbed another.

Despite the unlimited free drinks, neither Mrs. Cutter nor I overdid it.  That was certainly not the case for everyone staying at the resort though.

Lowlight: Desires

Dreams had a nightclub on the premises named Desires.  (The name should only be spoken in a hushed whisper)  When we stopped in on Friday night, we discovered that they cranked the music up to a soul poundingly loud volume.  We weren’t in the mood to deal with that, so we quickly made an exit.

Upon arrival at the resort, we had been told that our room was upgraded.  But when we returned to our room that night, we found that while the room may have been larger, it wasn’t really an upgrade.  Our room was located directly above Desires, which meant that we got to hear the club’s music in our room.

Fortunately, the club wasn’t open too late, and due to our fatigue we were able to sleep through it.  We still asked to move our room the next morning, and I’m guessing it wasn’t the first time that request has been made.

Highlight: The Wedding

After a day of drinking, eating, and swimming on Saturday, the wedding was that evening.  The ceremony took place in the resort’s wedding gazebo that looks out on the ocean.  It was a wonderful location for a wedding, and the ceremony was quite nice. 

Afterwards, there were drinks at the bar, and then dinner.  There was tasty food, some 80’s songs, and a best man speech that might have rivaled the one from my own wedding in terms of length.

Once the reception was over, the entire party ventured inside to Desires for karaoke night.  The only problem was that the guy running karaoke night didn’t seem to really want to have karaoke.  He kept delaying the start, he made it as difficult as possible to sign up, and then cut things short in favor of their usual soul pounding club music.

Mrs. Cutter and I managed to belt out a tremendous rendition of our own wedding song: Cruisin’.  I think everyone enjoyed it.

Lowlight: The fishing trip

Mitchelada had booked a fishing charter for Sunday afternoon, and invited all of the  men along.  I have never been on a fishing boat before, but this sounded like a good time: Go out on a boat, soak up some sun, drink some beers, and catch some fish.

Five minutes into the trip, I was drenched by a wave.  This was a bad omen.

The weather was overcast and it was windy.  As a result, the water was rough.  This kept us from catching anything, and more importantly, made for a very bumpy ride. 

I’ve been sailing before, and have never had problems with seasickness.  But I was not prepared for the turbulence of a fishing boat on rough waters.  About an hour into the trip, I started to feel quite ill.  I tried drinking a few more beers to act as a sedative, but that didn’t seem to help matters, and may have made things worse.

My condition became worse, and I felt like I was badly hungover.  Out of desperation, despite having downed a few beers, I tried taking some Dramamine.  In a way, the Dramamine helped, since as soon as it hit my stomach, I could no longer resist the urge to vomit.

I raced over to the side of the boat, and emptied the contents of my stomach into the ocean.  For a brief time after this, I felt much better.

I was able to drink some water, and I thought I might be OK for the rest of the way.   Unfortunately, that relief was only temporary.  The headache and nausea soon returned, and not long after, I was once again leaning over the side of the boat.

At this point, I begged for us to head back to shore.  I don’t think anyone objected too greatly since it was a rough ride, and nobody was catching anything.

I’ll continue with more highlights and lowlights tomorrow.


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