Mexico – Part Two

Some more highlights and lowlights from the Mexico trip.

Highlight: The Oscar Party

I’m not a fan of the Oscars.  I don’t really understand why people make a big deal about them.  Mrs. Cutter tried to say that the Oscars were like the “Super Bowl” of movies.  I felt that they were more like the NFL MVP award ceremony, and I don’t think I’ve ever watched that show either.

Most of my ambivalence about the awards is because I typically haven’t seen most of the movies that are nominated, nor do I care in the least what the stars wear on the red carpet.  I’m not sure exactly why anyone really cares, but apparently many people do.

Despite not caring much about the show, I couldn’t help but be impressed by the viewing party held by the resort.  They showed the broadcast on a giant screen, complete with a lavish food offering, a spotlight, and a red carpet.

In addition, they had guys spray painted gold so as to look like the Oscar statues, mermaids in the swimming pool, and some cross dressers wandering around.  Although to be fair, those people might have just dressed up like that on their own.

Considering that the Oscars are a once a year event, they really went all out to make this a special party.

Highlight: The Mayan Extreme Adventure

Our resort was partnered with several companies that allowed guests to go on excursions away from the resort.  We signed up for the Mayan Extreme Adventure tour, which included a zip line course, rappelling, and snorkelling.

We’ve been zip lining before, and enjoyed it immensely, so we were looking forward to doing it again.  This particular course wasn’t as majestic as the one we did in Hawaii, but it is always fun to soar high above the ground.

Neither Mrs. Cutter nor I had ever been rappelling before, so this was a new experience for both of us.  I felt I almost went down too slowly.  Next time I’ll have to loosen my grip on the rope.

The highlight of the trip was snorkelling in a cenote.  A cenote is an underground cave formed by dissolved rock.  We were led into the cenote – helpfully lit up by lamps – and were allowed to swim around and explore.

Just staying within a closely confined area, I got turned around quite a bit.  It’s hard to believe that people used to go into cenotes in the complete darkness and still make it out.

Highlight: The beach and pool area

The resort had two pool areas: One for families, and another where children were not allowed.  In theory, the adult only pool was calmer and quieter.  This did not turn out to be the case.

Regardless, Mrs. Cutter and I spent most of our time on the family side, mostly because it was next to the beach, and we wanted to swim in the ocean.

Sadly, the ocean didn’t get too deep in our area due to all the rocks, but we were able to rent snorkelling gear and get a close up look at some of the fish that wandered close to shore.

Lowlight: The drunken rednecks

As mentioned before, the drinks at the resort were free.  Despite the readily available alcohol, Mrs. Cutter and I managed not to overdo it.  Unfortunately, some guests chose to go a different route.

On our final afternoon at the resort, after spending some time on the beach, we decided to head over to the “adult” side of the resort.  We figured it would be quieter over there.  We were quite wrong.

Apparently, a group had just arrived from somewhere in the southern United States.  I wasn’t sure of their exact origin, but they were very drunk, and very loud.

And at one point, one member of the group – a fat, older man – decided that he would take off his swimsuit in the pool.  I was lucky enough to avoid seeing anything, but Mrs. Cutter was not.  She may forever be traumatized.

Lowlight: The Mexican Show

Our last evening at the resort was “Mexican Night” where they highlighted Mexican culture.  For dinner, they set up a large buffet consisting of Mexican cuisine.  This was quite tasty.

For the evening’s entertainment, they advertised a “Mexican Show.”  We weren’t sure exactly what to expect.  When I heard Mexican show, I assumed that there would be a donkey involved somehow.  I was wrong.

What we got was people dressed up in costume, dancing to some Mexican music.  We thought that this might have been just a small part of the show.  But no, apparently the show consisted entirely of people in costumes dancing.

After about ten minutes of watching the dancers, I think everyone in our group was hoping that they did bring out a donkey.  Finally, we had enough, and during a brief intermission, we made an exit.

Just to make sure that we didn’t miss anything good, I went back to check if they had started doing anything different.  Nope, it was just more dancing.

Highlight: Las Zucaritas

With everything that transpired on our trip, it was difficult to come up with an absolute highlight of the trip.  Yet there was one thing that definitely stood out for Mrs. Cutter and me.

Every morning, we had our breakfast at the buffet, because f there’s one thing in life that I enjoy, it is buffets.  At first, I didn’t think the selection was anything special.  They had the usual breakfast food choices: omelets, waffles, etc.  But while scanning the food items, I saw one thing which I knew I would absolutely have to try: Zucaritas!

At first glance, you might just think that Zucaritas are the Mexican version of Frosted Flakes.  But Zucaritas are far superior to the American version thanks to the presence of their mascot: Tigre Toño!

While Tony the Tiger can be kind of lame sometimes, nobody would dare say such a thing about Tigre Toño.  For Tigre Toño has flames coming out of his fists.  He is clearly awesome in every way, and I have to think that when Charlie Sheen said he had tiger blood running through his veins, he meant that he was like Tigre Toño.

Every morning, my breakfast was not complete without consuming a bowl of Zucaritas.  It even prompted me to write a song about them:

(Sung to the tune of La Cucaracha)

Las Zucaritas! Las Zucaritas!

They’re the Mexican Frosted Flakes.

Con Tigre Toño! Con Tigre Toño!

He shoots the flames out from his paws.

Yes, despite everything else that transpired, my most lasting memory of the vacation will be of a breakfast cereal.  I suppose that’s better than remembering throwing up on the boat.

Despite a few lowlights, it was an excellent trip (Excluding of course the boat trip.  The horrible, horrible boat trip)

I’ll conclude by offering congratulations to Mitchelada and Amy, and best wishes to a long and wonderful life together!


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