March Randomness

This week’s blog was written as a series of random thoughts.  There was no intended underlying theme, but it is possible that one will develop as I progress.  I wouldn’t count on it though.

1. Here’s a question formy readers: Should I continue to advertise new posts on Facebook and Twitter?  Do you all rely on those notices to realize that there’s a new post?  Or do you subscribe to the blog, and get notified when there’s a new post?

I sometimes worry that I’m annoying people when I advertise a post on Facebook.  I wonder how many fringe friends have either dropped me or hidden my statuses because of it. 

Oh well, I suppose they were slow and dimwitted, and I should leave them.

Anyway, if you’d like to subscribe so that you get email notifications of new posts, there’s a helpful button on the right.

And if you’d like to follow me on Twitter, I’m now using the screen name CutterRambles.  I felt that it was time to switch since some people didn’t feel comfortable following SuperSexyStud69.

2. Walking through the streets of DC last week, I saw a sign in the window of the DC Smiles dentist office where they advertised being the official dentist of the Washington Wizards Girls. 

Is there anyone out there who would really decide to choose a dentist because they are the official dentist of the Washington Wizards Girls?  Maybe some people are really impressed by their smiles?

I should recommend to the Wizards Girls that they switch to my dentist, Dr. Robert Barnett because he is awesome.

3. Why are songs by the Gin Blossoms still being played on the radio?  People didn’t get enough of this crap in the 90s?  Aren’t they the type of band that you look at your old CDs and wonder “Why did I buy that?” 

For the record, I could never stand the Gin Blossoms.  Although I will say that there are some interesting entries in my CD collection.  Third Eye Blind?  Snow? 

No, wait, that Snow album is awesome.

4. This Sunday is Selection Sunday!  Which means that the Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul is coming to a close.  I’m hoping that Temple does not get a lower than expected seed like they did last year.  It’s hard to believe that it has now been ten years since they won a game in the NCAA tournament.

Speaking of basketball, tonight I am headed to the Charles E. Smith Center to see the George Washington University Colonials take on the St. Joseph’s Hawks in the Atlantic 10 basketball tournament.  GW hasn’t won a postseason game (including conference tournaments) since 2007.  I’m hoping they can change that tonight.

5. Since I haven’t done one in awhile, here’s a One Hit Wonder of the Week!

This week’s song is “You Get What You Give” by the New Radicals.

The song was released in 1998, and became a huge hit.  It was played heavily on the radio, and I seem to recall it being used in commercials for quite a few movies and TV shows.

Apparently, the New Radicals are one of those bands who couldn’t quite handle success.  As the group’s popularity increased, they grew increasingly tired of the promotion necessary to support a hit song.  So before a follow-up could be recorded, they broke up.

And for you Washington Nationals fans out there, apparently this song inspired Stephen Strasburg to become a great pitcher.  Hopefully it continues to inspire him while he rehabs from Tommy John surgery.

6. We’ve taken the Cutlet to a “water babies” class (Basically, parents swim around a pool with their babies), and to our complete surprise, she loves it.  My prediction was that she would scream her head off as soon as she touched the water. 

But she seems to be enjoying it immensely, even though she thinks that part of the fun is drinking the pool water.

7. Here’s a random picture found on the web:

From the website Celebrities Without Eyebrows, this is Oscar host Anne Hathaway with her eyebrows digitally removed.

8. This Thursday will be the playoffs for my indoor kickball team.  We’re looking to win our second straight winter championship.  Even if we win, I will not be bringing the trophy home this year.  Mrs. Cutter was horrified enough when I came home with one last year, and it’s always nice to spread the hardware around a bit.

Mrs. Cutter’s team has their playoffs on Sunday.  It would be nice if both of our teams could win it all.  Then we could wear our medals to baby events and let all the other parents know just how awesome we are.

9. If anyone is wondering, I haven’t given up on The Ad Pundit.  Between work, travel, and coming off an uncommonly high output immediately after the Super Bowl, I just haven’t been able to review any ads lately.

If anyone has any requests, I am always open to hearing them.  And if you happen to go over there, I certainly wouldn’t complain if you clicked on one of the banner ads.  Baby food ain’t cheap you know.

10. I didn’t really have anything else to say, but I figured I’d just add a tenth point to make it a round number.  Although since the point of the blog was randomness, maybe that’s a bad idea?

11. There we go.  Much better.


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