The Joys of a Sick Baby

Mrs. Cutter and I have been fortunate that for most of her life, the Cutlet has been relatively healthy.  Sure, she has suffered through a few mild colds, and had a slight fever on a couple of occasions, but no major illnesses.

So when she woke up acting cranky on Wednesday, our first thought wasn’t that she might have been sick.  We just thought that she was in a bad mood, which isn’t that uncommon for her.

As she continued to be fussy, I decided to take her temperature, and found that there was an actual cause for this bout of fussiness: she had a fever.  We obviously couldn’t bring her in to daycare, so Mrs. Cutter had to stay home with her.

Unfortunately, she didn’t sleep much during the day, and her fever went up a bit, so Mrs. Cutter took her to the doctor.  The doctor said that her lungs were clear and her heart sounded normal, so it was probably just a virus.  He said that the roseola virus was going around.  This virus resulted in a fever for a couple of days followed by a bumpy rash.  In hindsight, this diagnosis seemed to have been correct.

That night, we got a bit of a scare as her fever spiked to over 105, and she became upset and inconsolable.  It is never a good feeling when your child’s temperature gets that high, so we became somewhat nervous.

We called the doctor who said to give her a double dose of Children’s Advil in order to break the fever.  We did so, and I also tried to cool her down with a wet wash cloth since she felt extremely hot.  Fortunately, her fever soon broke and she was able to settle down and go to sleep.

For the next few days, she spent most of her time in her crib.  She would wake periodically to eat, but after just about an hour of being awake, she became irritable and wanted to go back to sleep.

I could relate, as when I’m feeling sick, I pretty much just want to sleep all day.  Since either Mrs. Cutter or I had to stay home with her, this was somewhat fortuitous as it allowed us to get some work done.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Cutter seemed to catch the virus as well, as she felt especially congested and a bit miserable too.  So far, I have avoided the virus, but it’s probably just a matter of time.

By Sunday, she was mostly feeling better, but still clearly not 100%.  It was also clear that she was tired of being around her parents so much.  I think she really missed her teachers and friends at daycare, and would have preferred to have been around them.

We assured her that on Monday she would indeed be returning to daycare.

Now that she’s healthy and back on her normal routine, she (and by extension us) is much happier.  Now let’s just hope that she never gets sick again.

Random Thought of the Week

You know that you’re a parent when you start debating which childrens’ shows are your favorites.  In general, we are bigger fans of the shows on the Sprout Network as opposed to those shown on Nick Jr.  Fortunately, the Cutlet is still young enough that she can’t make requests yet.  Because I’m 99% certain that whichever shows we dislike are going to be her absolute favorites.

Random Picture Found on the Web

This is an actual senior picture from a high school yearbook.  Think he might someday regret going with this particular pose?

One-hit Wonder of the Week

This week’s One-hit wonder is “Tainted Love” by Soft Cell.

The song was actually originally recorded by Gloria Jones as a soul song in the Sixties.  It didn’t reach national popularity until Soft Cell’s version though.

Like many British based one-hit wonders, they had considerably more success in their home country than they did in the U.S.

Top Five of the Week

Since my time of being able to actually choose which TV shows I get to watch is drawing to a close, I’ll list my Top Five Favorite Cable Networks:

5. The Hub – It’s a new network, but they show Transformers and G.I.Joe!

4. TBS – It’s comforting to know that at just about any time of day, you can watch a re-run of Family Guy.

3. USA – They show WWE’s Raw and sometimes they’ll show a movie I want to see.

2. Comedy Central – South Park alone would allow it to make this list.

1. ESPN – Still my go-to in the morning, and still the best provider of sports.


About The Cutter

I am the Cutter. I write some stuff. You might like it, you might not. Please decide for yourself.
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One Response to The Joys of a Sick Baby

  1. Mrs. Cutter says:

    My top 5 cable networks:

    5. HGTV – The Cutter likes to say that this channel costs him too much money. I love getting home improvement ideas.
    4. Food Network – Rachel Ray! I love her even though the Cutter is not a fan.
    3. MTV – 16 & Pregnant, Teen Mom
    2. E! – Live from the red carpet, fashion police & the Kardashians – This is where true trash television lives.
    1. Bravo – Real Housewives, Pregnant in Heels

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