Another Year of Blogging

This week marks the 3rd anniversary of The Cutter Rambles!  To celebrate the anniversary, here’s a super spectacular blog post chock full of Cutterific goodness!

Awesome Stuff: Grooveshark

After making my initial Awesome Stuff post last year, I never followed up on it.  I suppose I got a bit distracted by having a baby around.  But now, something has grabbed my attention that was so awesome that I had to give it a special notice.

I had been aware that Grooveshark existed, but until a couple of weeks ago, I had never used the service.  Now that I have tried it out, I can safely say that Grooveshark is indeed awesome.

Basically, it’s like an internet jukebox, where you can search for any song (and they have almost any song you can search for), play them, and create playlists.  It’s great when you’re at work and you need some background music to help pass the day.

And somehow, this is all completely free.

While they do offer pay services such as Grooveshark Anywhere (use the service on a mobile device) and Grooveshark Plus (no ads), I’m still not entirely sure how they are making any money off of this.  Sure, there may be ads, but I don’t think I can recall one ad that I’ve seen.

I’d be willing to guess that in the near future, they’ll either slowly reduce the amount of free services they offer, or else the advertising will become more prominent (Like playing ads between songs).  But for now…awesome!

The NBA Finals

So let me get this straight.  There’s an NBA team from Dallas.  The owner is a dot-com billionaire.  And the star player is German.  And this was the team that most of America wanted to win! 

Apparently people really don’t like LeBron James.

But cheer up, LeBron!  You’re the subject of my latest Random Picture Found on the Web!

In hindsight, the Heat’s big celebratory offseason press conference may have been a bad idea for the team.

Pool Time

Our condo’s pool has opened, and the Cutlet seems quite happy about it.  We’ve taken her to the pool several times, and she absolutely loves being in the water.

The only drawback is that she thinks that she can swim, so she keeps trying to lunge forward out of our arms.  We have to be pretty vigilant about holding on to her.  We have a float that we can put her in, but naturally she doesn’t enjoy being in it for long.  I guess it gives her less freedom to move and splash around. 

I used to think that her destiny would be to be a star tennis player, but now I think she may be better off as a swimmer.  At least as long as she outgrows her habit of drinking the pool water.

Stuff I Don’t Care About (And yet I’m mentioning it in my blog)

Pippa Middleton is single again!  Let’s all rejoice!

Is there any particular reason I – or anyone in America – should care?  So she’s the sister of the woman who just married a British prince.  This makes her newsworthy?  And while she’s attractive enough, let’s not go overboard here.  She’s not as hot as some people are making her out to be.

It really bothers me that I even know who Pippa Middleton is.

Stuff I Do Care About

On the other hand, here’s some news that we should all pay attention to!  The Guiness Book of World Records has just crowned a new “World’s Shortest Man!” 

I’m not going to lie to you.  That guy probably has a tough life.

One-hit Wonder

Our latest One-hit Wonder is “In the Meantime” by Spacehog.

I’m actually kind of surprised that Spacehog wasn’t ever able to follow up on their success.  MTV seemed to play this video constantly, and I remember at least a couple of girls in my freshman dorm absolutely loving the band.

Also notable is that I once gave the nickname of “Spacehog” to a girl who both Mrs. Cutter and I couldn’t stand.  Mostly because she kind of looked like an alien pig.

The Ad Pundit

For those of you who haven’t checked out The Ad Pundit lately, please stop on by.  I’ll do my best to make another post this week. 

And if you want to get on my good side, please click on the “Follow with Google Friend Connect” link on the right hand side.  I feel so unloved since I have no public followers.

Top Five

Here are my Top Five The Cutter Rambles Posts from the past three years.  Or at least these are the ones I can remember liking for one reason or another.

5. The Ban on Smoking

4. The 2008 Cutter Awards

3. Positive Female Role Models

2. MC Hammer vs. Vanilla Ice

1. The Journey Begins

In Conclusion

Looking back, three years of blogging is a long time.  I give myself credit for actually sticking with it for this long, since my attention span for things like this isn’t always that great.

Of course, I’d also like to thank everyone who has continued to read it over the years.  Hopefully I’ve made your days a little less dreary!


About The Cutter

I am the Cutter. I write some stuff. You might like it, you might not. Please decide for yourself.
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  1. Squinty says:

    You could use Pandora, it’s free on the interwebs and on you mobile device.

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