Friday Night: Date Night with the DVR

Another exciting Friday night in the Cutter household!

Now I don’t remember if our Fridays used to be all that exciting.  I always considered Saturday to be more of a going out night.  But I know we would at least sometimes do things on Fridays.

In our post-Cutlet life, our Friday routine generally involves putting the Cutlet to bed and then watching the shows we have recorded on our DVR.

Normally, we would be watching NBC’s Thursday night lineup, but tonight Mrs. Cutter wanted to start off with the new show I Hate My Teenage Daughter.  I’m not sure why she wants to watch this show.  Does she really want to see what her future is going to be like?

The premise of the show is that two women who were losers in high school now have teenage daughters who are popular.  And like most popular high school girls, they are bitchy and hate their mothers.

Here’s the problem with the show: The teenagers aren’t necessarily that bad.  It’s that the mothers are just plain pathetic.

The writers of the show apparently didn’t spend much time coming up with complex characters for these women.  One of the mothers’ personality can pretty much be summed up as “she used to be really fat and hasn’t quite gotten over it.”  We know this because the show mentions it every two minutes or so.  For instance, about halfway through the show, she gets really stressed out and eats an entire pie by herself.

The rest of the characters aren’t too well developed either.  The former fatty has an ex-husband.  Instead of giving him an actual personality, apparently the writers decided that his character was just going to be “black guy who plays golf.”

There were a few funny moments mixed in, but mostly I found myself rolling my eyes at the show.  I can’t see this one sticking around too long.

Once that’s over with, we finally move onto NBC’s shows, starting with Community.  This show is reliably funny and clever, so of course NBC is going to be putting it on hiatus soon.

The following commentary assumes some familiarity with the show.  So if you’ve never watched it before, it probably won’t make much sense to you.  I’d tell you to start watching it, but as mentioned, NBC is stupidly getting rid of it so there’s really no point.

Within the first five minutes, we’ve already had commentary on cat monocles (they’re pretentious), a Christian Bale as Batman impression, and an appearance by the guy who plays Ruxin on the TV show The League.

I’m watching some commercials because Mrs. Cutter isn’t doing a good job of fast forwarding tonight.  Hey, Fear Factor is coming back!  Yeah, I didn’t watch it before, and don’t see watching now.  But it’s nice to know that TV networks are officially out of ideas.

According to Mrs. Cutter, Abed is the one person who does not look good in a Batman mask.  She might be telling the truth since she’s not asking me to go put on a Batman mask and do her.

Then again, we just boned right before this, so I don’t know if that really proves anything.

Back to the show…Jeff and Shirley engage in a heated game of foosball.  And naturally, they decided to illustrate the battle with an anime-style animated sequence.

Once again, why is this show being cancelled?

Now we have a decision to make as to which show to watch next.  Mrs. Cutter wants to go in chronological order and watch Parks and Recreation next.  She reasons that the final scene of each show typically gets cut off by the DVR, so we don’t see it until we watch the next show.  So she’s concerned about not watching the final jokes in their proper order.

On the other hand, despite it being chronologically last, I wanted to watch Whitney next.  Why?  Because it’s the weakest of all the shows, and I don’t want to end the night on a disappointing note.

Since she has the remote, she made the call.  Parks and Rec it is.

This show wasn’t too good in its first season.  It came off like a poor man’s The Office, and didn’t seem to be long for the world.  But since then, it has really found its stride, and now might be the best sitcom on TV.  So maybe there’s hope for every show that doesn’t start off strongly.  Maybe in two years I’ll be saying the same thing about I Hate My Teenage Daughter.

I kind of feel bad for Rashida Jones who plays Ann Perkins.  Her character made sense in the first season’s plot, but there is really no point to her being on the show anymore.  Now, she just gets awkwardly shoehorned in to each episode.

You know what’s one of the things that makes this show great?  When they show the various paintings and murals they have in the government buildings.

We just saw a commercial for a Michael Buble Christmas special featuring Justin Bieber.  Yes, NBC is showing a Michael Buble Christmas special.  I’d ask “Is Michael Buble even cool anymore?” but I think the more accurate question would be “Was Michael Buble ever cool?”  I mean, even The Cleveland Show made fun of him.  The Cleveland Show!

On a related note, NBC is in last place in the ratings.

Mrs. Cutter seems just a bit too enthusiastic about watching this special.  Then again, she is also excited about watching the new upcoming Kardashian show.  But who am I to judge?

As Parks and Rec wraps up, Mrs. Cutter relayed the following conversation with her mother:

“To do Skype, do I have to be on the internet?”


“So I have to log onto AOL?”

Yes, Mrs. Cutter’s mother still has AOL.  She has a high-speed cable internet connection, but still subscribes to AOL.

Ah, parents.  I can’t wait to read the Cutlet’s blog in 30 years as she questions why I still have a computer and not whatever has replaced them.

“No, you don’t need to log onto AOL to get to the internet.”

“But when I open Internet Explorer, it asks me to log into AOL.”

Now we’re on to The Office.  This used to be a great show; and then Steve Carell left.

It never really seemed like he carried the show.  It seemed like with such a good ensemble cast, they would be able to adequately carry on without him.  But things went downhill fast after he left.

Maybe the show was going to decline anyway.  Maybe after seven years, they had pretty much wrung all the humor out of an office situation.  But I’m sure Carell’s departure didn’t help.

Now, the show revolves around Ed Helms’ Andy Bernard trying to prove himself worthy as a boss.  The problem is that Andy worked well as a supporting character.  But as the focus of the show?  It gets old quickly.  How many episodes can we watch of him neurotically trying to impress people?

The writers seem to be counting on the relationship between Andy and James Spader’s Robert California being able to carry the show.  It doesn’t.  I think the biggest reason for that is because nobody seems to know (not even Spader) exactly what Robert California’s character is supposed to be.  Is he intentionally cryptic?  Is he disinterested?  Is he just creepy?

Tonight’s show was decent, mostly due to Jim’s attempts to avoid an awkward confrontation.  And I thought Dwight’s original idea for a gym was actually kind of brilliant.

For those who didn’t see the show, instead of traditional weights and machines, he relied on rustic exercises like cutting tin or hitting a tire with a sledge hammer.

Hey, it worked for Rocky!

Once The Office is over, in a telling commentary on where our lives are at, I decided to call it a night.  To many people our age, 10:25 isn’t especially late.  But for us, we’re really burning the midnight oil.

So we didn’t get to see Whitney tonight.  But don’t worry, it’s still waiting on our DVR to disappoint us some other day.


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One Response to Friday Night: Date Night with the DVR

  1. Stefanie says:

    I completely agree that Ed Helms as Andy cannot carry The Office and Robert California is all over the place; with each passing week I am growing more and more confused regarding his motives and personality. The writers seem to change up his character with each script. I am sure Spader does not have a clue how he should be playing this guy; which is a shame because Spader is a terrific actor and they are screwing him with this ill conceived randomly changing character…what a pity!

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