It’s Been One Week…

One week ago, I began an endeavor to write a blog every day of December.  I know that there were doubts that I’d be able to do it.  I’m sure there are still doubts.

But one week down, and I’m still on task!

To celebrate, I decided to share this happy little ditty with you:

Ah yes, everyone’s favorite late 90’s pop band: The Barenaked Ladies. 

Wow, it’s been awhile since I watched that video.  A lot of odd stuff going down there.  And since I have no other pressing issues to discuss, I’ll break it down for you.

0:00 – A king and queen have decided that they want the BNL to perform for them.  A reasonable enough request I suppose, as they were one of the biggest bands of the late 90’s.  But the lead singer seems to be taken by surprise.  I’m not sure why.  If a band was called to visit the king, wouldn’t they be expected to perform?

0:22 – I never realized that there were two different guys singing this song.  I always thought it was one guy who just changed his voice a little for the chorus.  This has already proven to be educational for me!

0:25 – More entertainment is brought in front of the king and queen.  Did they get tired of the BNL already? (Just like America would a few years later)  Or did the BNL bring this wind-up woman as part of their act.  This video will raise several questions similar to this, and not many of them will get answered.

0:27 – If I had to use only one word to sum up how Monocle Man is feeling right now, I’d go with: Confused.

0:28 – Is the drummer wearing eyeshadow?

0:35 – I can just envision the director telling this guy: “I want you to look surprised.  No, I mean REALLY surprised!”

0:50 – Angels drop from the sky and the king certainly seems to approve.

0:59 – Fake out!  The angels become devils!

1:12 – This woman might be portraying “surprised” even better than that guy was.

1:13 – The king and queen do not like the devil women!  DO NOT LIKE!

1:15 – The BNL and their devil women have ruined everything!

1:20 – And we suddenly seem to be in a completely different video.  I’m not sure what exactly happened there, but the BNL are now running outside in late 90’s hipster clothes.

1:27 – We get a Starsky and Hutch-like slide across the hood of a Gran Torino.  The director must really like this shot as he shows it a few times and even breaks it down into several frames.  Looks like someone got a new video editing machine and really wanted to show it off!

1:33 – The Gran Torino is now racing the General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard.  While that’s awesome and all, I have no idea how any of this ties together.

1:35 – Considering the way he’s swerving all over the road, it might be beneficial for this guy to stop singing and look where he’s going.

1:50 – Introducing Evel Knievel Woman.  The guys certainly seem to be impressed by her.  And maybe they should be, since she will be the focus of the remainder of the video.

2:03 – More fun video effects!  Hey, let’s see what else this video editor can do! 

2:12 – They are now playing in front of a bus.  And the bus has a banner on it that reads “The Amazing Barenaked Ladies.”  Amazing?  A little full of ourselves aren’t we?  Especially since you’re playing a concert in the street and nobody has even bothered to come watch.

2:30 – Evel Knievel Woman is apparently going to jump over the BNL’s bus.  Will she make it?  Tensions are high.

2:38 – She succeeds!  And thanks to the magic video editor, we get to see from a lot of different angles.

2:47 – Oh no!  Evel Kneivel Woman has gotten her cape caught in a tree branch!

And that’s how we end.  What an epic journey that was.

So now that the first week of the 31 Days is over, what will the next week bring? 

There will probably be at least one sports post (Just for you, Mrs. Cutter), and a closer look at the character known as the Hamburglar.  So stay tuned!


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One Response to It’s Been One Week…

  1. The Real Cutter says:

    way to keep it up for a week Cubby.

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