The Cutlet Moves Up

This week the Cutlet has been transitioning into an older room at her day care.

Part of me can’t help but think that this doesn’t seem right.  Isn’t she just a baby?  Why would they be moving her to new room?

And in this new room, they don’t nap in cribs.  They nap on cots!  She’s surely too young for that, right?

Despite what her parents may (sometimes) wish, time continues to pass, and the Cutlet is indeed getting older.  So on to the new room she goes.

The last time she made a transition into a new room was in April, and it did not go well.  The Cutlet was not too keen on being left in a new room with new teachers.

I guess moving to a new class can be a bit hard on everyone, even the South Park kids:

South Park Fourth Grade

It is not a pleasant experience to drop your child off and have her scream and reach back for you with a look that says “Come back!  Why are you leaving me here with these people?  Why have you forsaken me?!?!”

We were not looking forward to a repeat performance.

Originally they wanted to start the transition last week.  But coming off of a five-day break for Thanksgiving, we didn’t think the timing was good, so we asked them to push it back for another week.

Every day this week, her teachers have been bringing her to the new room for lengthier periods of time.  This morning was the first time that we would be the ones to actually drop her off there.

Because it was so upsetting last time, neither Mrs. Cutter nor I particularly wanted to be the one to drop her off.  We decided to take her in together so we could both share in the misery.

We had hope that things would be a little easier this time.  Some of her friends from her previous room would be in her new room, so at least she would be surrounded by some familiar faces. 

Upon arrival the new room, she did seem willing to start playing with the other kids and the teachers.  But then, she seemed to realize that something was amiss.  She suddenly became very clingy to Mrs. Cutter.   We were sure that the tears were about to begin.

Fortunately, one of her new teachers was quickly able to distract her with some toys.  We took the opportunity to say a quick good bye and slip out. 

Really, that was about the best we could have hoped for.

I’m sure she’ll soon get used to her new room and learn to love it.  And then, before we know it, she’ll be ready to move again.  Sigh.

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