The Cutlet: A Budding Star?

The Cutlet’s day care put on a Christmas concert today.

We weren’t quite sure what to expect.  We had only been told that the children would be brought up on stage to “sing and perform.”

What did this entail?

For the toddlers and infants, they were simply dressed in pretty outfits and sat on stage while a Christmas poem was read.  Easy enough.  The Cutlet was able to adequately sit and look pretty, so we counted the performance as a success.

But the Cutlet’s day was not over yet!  Since she had just transitioned classes, she would be going back up on stage to join her new class in a rendition of Jingle Bells.

Two questions came to mind:

1. Could the Cutlet be brought on stage twice in one day without incident?

2. How were a bunch of toddlers going to sing Jingle Bells? 

Mrs. Cutter and I had been singing this song to her in preparation for the concert.  For the most part, she just looks at us with mild amusement at the goofiness of her parents.  Well, you’d better get used to that, kid.

They sat the children on stage, handed them some bells and let them go to town while the song played.  Sadly, the Cutlet was not the best bell shaker on stage.  She seemed more interested in examining the bells than doing any actual shaking.  Still, it was a fine showing.

After the Cutlet’s group was removed from the stage, the rest of the classes had their turn.  Each progressive age group got a little more involved with their performances, topped off by the four-year olds.

They were dressed like drummer boys, complete with drums and drumsticks.  They marched onto stage where they naturally sang “Little Drummer Boy.”

You might be thinking that handing drumsticks to a group of four-year olds and sending them up on stage was a recipe for disaster.  And I’m not going to lie to you: Mrs. Cutter and I were secretly kind of hoping that a big drumstick fight would break out.

In what might be a minor Christmas miracle, the song was completed without incident.  Afterwards, the teachers immediately collected the drumsticks, probably realizing that they could only get lucky for so long.

We received another surprise when we looked over to where the Cutlet’s class was sitting. 

She was calmly sitting on her chair, watching the other children perform.  She was not running into the kitchen, trying to open the trash can.  She was not grabbing the remote control.  She was not asking for the iPad.

Apparently once she’s away from her parents, her attention span increases tenfold.

Perhaps she knew that her day was still not over.  Yes, the Cutlet would be called up on stage for a third time.  I guess the teachers realized they had a budding star on their hands.

They brought all of the children back up on stage so that they could sing a couple of songs they had learned in Spanish class.  More precisely, the older children sang Feliz Navidad while the Cutlet took the opportunity to take off one of her shoes.

It was amusing to watch the teachers up on stage with the children.  With so many children compacted into one space, they had to be ever vigilant in case one of the kids tried to make a break for it.

Fortunately, they escaped without incident, and the Christmas program was officially a success!

After her big day on stage, I wonder if the Cutlet has a future in show business.  Will we soon be moving to Hollywood so that she can be the next big Disney Channel star?

I wouldn’t count on it.  She doesn’t take direction well enough, and is probably too shy to ever be a stage kid.

Unless, of course there’s a show about taking off your shoes.  She’d be perfect for that!


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