Little Maestros

As part of our never-ending quest to keep the Cutlet entertained, on Saturdays we take her to see the Little Maestros band at Kidville in Bethesda.

The concept is simple: The band consists of two singers (usually one male and one female), a keyboardist, and a drummer.  They play children’s music, put on a puppet show, and sing the words to a book.

Naturally, the songs are extremely proficient at getting stuck in your head.  Mrs. Cutter and I will sometimes find ourselves randomly singing them to each other.

We had taken the Cutlet to the class last year, but she was probably a little too young to truly appreciate what was going on.  The music seemed to entertain her well enough, but we were always a bit frightened that a breakdown was inevitable.

Then again, a year ago, we were always frightened that a breakdown was inevitable.

Last year, the show was probably more amusing for Mrs. Cutter and me because we got the impression that the singers were sometimes dealing with a hangover.

Actually, there were some mornings when they were almost definitely fighting a hangover and could barely keep it together.

For every show, they have a featured letter of the week.  They teach the kids three words that start with that letter and make a “silly sentence” out of them.

For instance, this week’s letter was K.  The words were kiss, keyboard, and king, and the silly sentence was “I play the KEYBOARD and blow a KISS to the KING.”

Last year, it wouldn’t have surprised us if the letter was D, and the sentence they gave us was “I had a DOUBLE shot of DEWAR’S and now I’m DRUNK.”  Or for the letter H: “My HEAD really HURTS because I’m so HUNGOVER.”

This year’s singers don’t seem to have the same issues.  They typically don’t slur too many words, and the trembling was at a minimum.

And yet one of the singers has been missing in action a couple of times.  We’re not quite sure what’s going on with him, but it’s always possible that he’s getting sauced the night before and oversleeps as a result.

Do you think being a child’s performer drives people to drink?

“Oh you’re a musician?  Do you play anywhere?”

“Uh, yeah, I have a regular show every week.”

“Cool!  Think I can come by and watch one week?”


As she gets more used to being there, the Cutlet has gotten more and more involved with the interactive parts of the show.  At first, she would shy away from the performers, but lately, she’ll get up and dance along with them.

Of course, like every child, she’s a big fan of when they blow bubbles at the end of the show.

I believe it was the movie Knocked Up that talked about how much kids love bubbles, and they weren’t kidding.  These kids go nuts when the bubbles come out.

Overall, I’d say I’m a fan of the Little Maestros.  Sure, their songs are probably going to drive us to an early delirium, but the Cutlet seems to like them.  And hangovers aside, it’s a perfectly good way to keep the Cutlet entertained for an hour on the weekend.


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