Happy Chanukkah!

Tonight at sundown, we begin the festival of Chanukkah. (I’ve gone over the various spellings before)

And like last year, in honor of the holiday, I shall discuss eight things.  Some of them may be related.  Others may not.  It’s gonna be kinda random.

1. To properly get us in the mood, here is everyone’s favorite Chanukkah song by Adam Sandler!

Actually, that song has been pretty much played out.  Instead, here is Sandler’s Lunch Lady song!

Lunch Lady

I remember when my life’s goal was to have sex while listening to this song.  And so I did.  And it was good.

2. For those unfamiliar with Chanukkah, we are celebrating the Israelites re-taking the temple in Jerusalem from the occupying Greek armies.  It is really a minor holiday given prominence due to its placement on the calendar.

The Hebrew army was led by a man named Judah Maccabee.  Apparently, there are plans to make a movie about his life.  And naturally, the film’s producer will be…Mel Gibson.

3. While looking at videos on YouTube, for some reason this video was listed among the recommendations.  And so I watched it.  And now I will share it with you all:

Whoa, when did Hall and Oates go all glam rocky?  I don’t remember that.

4. Congratulations to the Temple Owls football team on winning the Gildan New Mexico Bowl.  This was their first bowl game victory since 1979.  Yeah, so it had been a long time.

Of course this means that we are fully into college bowl season!  ESPN has declared this to be the most wonderful time of the year, so who am I to argue?

I mean, if there’s one thing that gets me excited, it’s the Little Caesars Bowl!  This year, this always thrilling game pits Western Michigan against Purdue.

5. Speaking of Little Caesars, I haven’t had their pizza in a long time.  I used to like it back in high school, but then they closed all their stores in my area.  I guess they’re still big somewhere though if they’re sponsoring a bowl game.

6. I think Mrs. Cutter and I are finally done with our gift shopping for the year.  It feels like we somehow manage to spend more money each year.

Actually, we probably do, because people (including ourselves!) insist on reproducing and adding more recipients to our gift list.

7. Don’t you hate it when you have a coupon that’s good for $10 off of $50, but your purchases only total about $43?  It leaves you with a difficult choice: Do you just forget about the coupon, or do you make an unnecessary purchase to put yourself over the limit?  Decisions, decisions!

8.  I keep suggesting to Mrs. Cutter that we just wait until Christmas Eve to buy all of our presents one year.  I think our annual trip to Walmart would become much more exciting if we were frantically trying to find last-minute gifts for everyone.

And isn’t the holiday season supposed to be about frantic excitement?

Not surprisingly, Mrs. Cutter does not want to go along with my plan.

Anyway, I hope all the Jews out there enjoy eating their latkes and spinning their dreidels.  And I hope all the goyim enjoy their Tuesday night!


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I am the Cutter. I write some stuff. You might like it, you might not. Please decide for yourself.
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