New Years Eve

Tomorrow is New Years Eve, which means that the holiday season is rapidly coming to a close.  But before we say a final goodbye to the holidays, I decided to do a final Christmas themed ad over at the Ad Pundit:

Coca-Cola: Shake Up Christmas

As for New Years Eve…

As a child, New Years Eve was one of my favorite days of the year.  My parents would have a big party at our house, and some of my friends would come over along with their parents.

For a kid, it was incredibly fun.  I got to stay up late and hang out with my friends.  I remember being up at 2 AM and thinking it was the coolest thing ever.  Plus, I got to annoy my sister and the friends whom she had invited over.

Of course, I may have been a bit too annoying.  The first year I was allowed to stay awake, a couple of my sister’s friends conspired to get me to go to bed.  They went into my room and moved my clock forward so that it said it was after midnight.  They told me I had missed the ball dropping, and believing them, I went to bed.

While in hindsight I can appreciate their ingenuity, I was quite enraged when I woke up in the morning and learned of their trickery.

Eventually, years went by, and my parents grew tired of hosting a party every year.  And the excitement of New Years Eve faded for me.

After I turned 21, it was exciting to be able to go out and legally drink on NYE, but eventually that grew tiresome as well.  In recent years, neither Mrs. Cutter nor I saw much appeal in paying a high cover to hang out at an overcrowded bar, simply because it was New Years Eve.

Our recent New Years have been filled with events ranging from the offbeat (Squnity’s trivia night) to the annoying (The DC Improv).  Nothing has been all that memorable.

Of course, now that we have the Cutlet, we aren’t going to be going out anywhere late, unless we want to pay an insane amount of money to a babysitter.  So it is very likely that for the second year in a row, we will be asleep by the time the ball drops.

But for those of you who do venture out on New Years Eve, I wish you a happy and safe night, wherever it may lead.

And to get you in the mood, here are some ‘Best of 2011’ links:

The Least Essential Albums of 2011

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I’ll be back tomorrow with my own personal Best of 2011 awards.  It should be super thrilling.


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