2011: The Year in Review

We’ve reached the final day of 2011, which seems like as good a time as any to take a look back at the year that was.

The second half of 2010 was challenging for Mrs. Cutter and me as we were dealing with the challenges that a new baby brings.  Especially when that baby is as angry as our was.

I’m not exactly sure why she was so angry.  Was she always hungry?  Based on how much she likes to eat now, that is a possibility.  Was she colicky?  Was she gassy?  Was she simply unhappy at the fact that she had been evicted from the womb and had to deal with her existence as an independent human being?

Whatever the reason, shortly after the calendar flipped to 2011, the anger thankfully began to fade.  The fits of shrieking and crying began to lessen, and a happy, bubbly personality began to emerge.

That alone made 2011 a good year.

Along the way, we had many great moments with her: Swimming in the pool, trick-or-treating, a trip to the beach, and of course celebrating her first birthday.  These were just a few of the good times we had together.

2011 also had some highlights that did not involve the Cutlet.  I won another kickball championship.  I took a trip to Las Vegas.  And Mrs. Cutter and I got to go to Mexico.  It was there that I got to enjoy Zucaritas!

As with any year, there were a few unfortunate lowlights along the way too.  A snowstorm once again knocked out our power and we had to evacuate our home.  And I had to suffer through the horrendousness of October 2nd.  I think that day will leave me forever scarred.

But lowlights aside, I’d still say that 2011 was an excellent year.

Of course, I can’t let the year pass without handing out my annual Cutter awards!

As I tried to choose my pop culture favorites for 2011, I realized that I’m not as engrossed in pop culture as I used to be.  It feels like I’m much more likely to listen to music by Baby Geniuses or Elmo instead of Adele or LMFAO.

For the record, I can’t stand LMFAO.  I find Party Rock Anthem to be very annoying.  It’s not even a coherent song!  It’s like four different songs smashed together without reason!  But hey, I guess a lot of people out there disagree.

Anyway, because I’m not too engrossed in pop culture, you can feel free to laugh and dismiss my choices.  But I’m sure you were planning to do that anyway.

Best Song of the Year

I think I had the same reaction as everyone when I heard Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People: What a happy little tune!

I later realized what the song was actually about.  I’m not sure if that somehow makes the song even better, but I will go out on a limb and say that this is the happiest song about a teen shooting that has ever been written.

Movie of the Year

I realized that I (understandably) didn’t get out to the old cineplex very often this year.  I saw a few of the summer’s comic book movies, but that was about it.  And were any of those movies really worthy of a “Movie of the Year” mention?  I mean, Thor and Captain America were decent enough, but really, they came across more as prequels than anything.

It kind of felt like this year’s summer movies were simply treading water in preparation for next year’s crop which looks fantastic.  I’m looking forward to all of MIB 3, The Dark Knight Rises, G.I.Joe 2, The Avengers, and The Hobbit.

As for this year, since I have no better choice, I’ll say the best movie I saw all year was X-Men: First Class.  It was fun, and was packed with sexual tension between Professor X and Magneto.  And if there’s one thing I want in my summer blockbusters, it is sexual tension between a superhero and his future arch nemesis.

TV Show of the Year

I was going to go with South Park simply based on their remarkable “You’re Getting Old” episode.  But really, aside from that episode and its follow-up, I’d say that overall South Park had an underwhelming season.

Parks and Recreation also had a good year, especially since I – like many people – originally wrote it off as a poor man’s The Office.  But was it my favorite show of the year?  No.

For the second year in a row, my favorite show to watch has been It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  The show has remained evilly hilarious, and the writers just keep coming up with new ways to keep things fresh.  “Hey, wouldn’t it be funny if Mac was fat?”

And the reveal of Mac’s full name was even better than we could have ever hoped for.

People of the Year

Every year, I like to honor one of my friends who has stood out above all others.  I also like to give out the Chris Callan Award to my favorite new friend of the year.

For 2011, I wanted to combine both awards and honor a group of people.

In May, I joined a random softball team in the Social Sports of Bethesda league.  While I joined along with my pre-existing friends BGR and Bird, most of my new teammates were strangers.

Putting a random group of people together can sometimes be disastrous.  And after the initial back-and-forth emails among the team members, I was worried that it would indeed be a disaster.

But somehow, this particular team clicked.  Not only did we succeed on the softball field, but I also made a new group of friends, many of whom I am still hanging out with now that softball season is over.

So the 2011 Person of the Year and Chris Callan Top Newcomer of the Year Awards go to the collective members of the Sons of Pitches softball team!

Hopefully, we will be able to re-form the team in the Spring and get back to our winning ways.

So yeah, 2011 has been a good year.

Sure, there were setbacks.  I’m not where I necessarily want to be in my career path.  And I wasn’t able to complete the Facebook application that I have been developing.

But I consider those setbacks to be learning experiences, and hopefully I shall use them to grow as I move forward.

Considering what I hope – and plan – to accomplish next year, I fully expect 2012 to be even better than 2011, so I’m hoping the Mayans were wrong.

But that’s a topic for another day.  For now, let’s celebrate a great year.

Here’s to 2011!


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  1. I tell people that pumped up kicks is my favorite song about shooting children!

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