Reasons to Be Excited About the Super Bowl

On Sunday, the NFL will hold its championship game, more commonly known as the Super Bowl.

In this year’s game, the Patriots from New England will be facing the Giants from New York.  And by New York, of course I mean New Jersey.

As an Eagles fan, I have good reason to dislike both teams.  In past years, this matchup would have left me bitter and angry.

But I realized that sports hate never got me anywhere in life.  So instead of being mad about the game, I’m going to do my best to look on the bright side of things.

So I’ll share with you a series of reasons to be excited about the game, even if you really don’t want to see either team win.

Reason 1: Victor Cruz

Victor Cruz is a wide receiver for the Giants.  Despite being an unknown heading into the season, he had an impressive showing, racking up 1536 yards with 9 touchdowns. 

The Giants offensive strategy seems to be “Eli’s going to throw the ball in the general direction of a receiver and hope he catches it.”  This worked really well when they had Plaxico Burress, who seemed to come down with every jump ball.  But in the years since Burress idiotically shot himself in the leg, their offense has struggled somewhat.

But then all of a sudden, Cruz came out of nowhere and started coming down with Eli’s heaves.  Not coincidentally, the Giants offense became effective again. 

He also does a salsa dance when he scores a touchdown:

I’m sure that’s all well and good if you’re a Giants fan.  But the reason I like him is because he looks like Dave Chappelle:

When watching this interview, I keep expecting him to start talking like Tyrone Biggums:

Victor Cruz interview

Cruz could easily become my favorite NFL player ever (Sorry, Roger Ruzek!) if he just said this quote:

“Who are the five greatest wide receivers of all time?  Think about it.  Victor.  Victor.  Victor.  Victor.  And Victor.  Because I spit hot fire!”

Speaking of Chappelle’s Show, the first time I ever watched it was immediately after 2004 Super Bowl.  Now there was a Super Bowl that I was pissed off about.  That should have been the Eagles’ year to win. 

I almost didn’t even watch the game, and it turned out to be a crappy 90’s style blowout.  But Chappelle’s Show?  That was hilarious!


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