Reasons to be Excited About the Super Bowl: Tom Coughlin

Yesterday, I talked about the stupid faces Eli Manning makes when he messes up.

Well, there’s another member of the Giants organization who makes amusing faces, and he is today’s reason to be excited about the Super Bowl.

Reason #3: Tom Coughlin

I used to say that Giants coach Tom Coughlin only had one facial expression – Incredulous:

As the years have gone by, I realized I was too quick with that assessment.  In addition to incredulous, he also has “Very incredulous:”

“Incredibly incredulous:”

And my personal favorite, “I can’t believe Matt Dodge just punted that ball to DeSean Jackson incredulous:”

My favorite part of any Giants game is when the team messes up in some manner and they cut to a shot of Coughlin on the sideline.  It’s awesome to see his face grow redder and redder as he becomes increasingly agitated.

It’s even better when he goes over to the player who committed the infraction and proceeds to verbally soul f*** him for daring to make some sort of mistake.

And if Eli Manning happened to be the player who made the mistake, and you get to combine the Manning face with the Coughlin face…well, that’s just comedy gold.

So when watching Sunday’s game, any time a Giant makes a mistake, you should feel a twinge of anticipation.  Because you just know that soon after, they’re probably going to show Coughlin on the sideline.  And odds are, you’ll get to see something like this:



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