Happy Tax Day!

I hope everyone is enjoying tax day.

Mrs. Cutter and I received a refund from the state of Maryland but had to pay extra to the federal government.  Naturally, I sent back my Maryland return a month ago, and waited until the deadline to submit for federal.

Yesterday, I finally made my trip to the post office to mail in my return.  I figured that it would be crowded there, so I allotted an ample amount of time for the task.

I tried to minimize my wait time by going at 3 PM.  I figured that I’d miss the early morning and lunch rush, and I’d beat the post-work crowd.  But it still took a decent amount of time to get through the line.

I’m not sure why, but there seemed to be an inexplicably large number of senior citizens waiting in line.  It’s not like the elderly have to pay taxes any more than the rest of us do.  And you’d think that they would have done it earlier in the year rather than waiting until the next to last day.  Maybe they aren’t sure if they’re even going to survive until tax day, so they figure there’s no point in paying early?

And don’t seniors usually take care of everything in the early morning?  What were they even doing up at 3 PM?

Naturally, with senior citizens in front of me, the line took longer than it probably should have.  But I eventually made it through.  When asked if I wanted to insure my letter, I told the clerk that I would pass.  I’m sure if they don’t receive my money, they’ll figure out some other way to get it.  The government is really good about that.

Unlike me, I know that some of you aren’t fortunate enough to come out ahead on tax day.  So for those of you who are feeling the pain due to a hefty tax bill, I present to you some fun links that may take your mind off things:

Grilled Cheese!

Call Hating

Star Wars Biographies


And finally, I figured it was appropriate to leave you with one of the greatest Guns N’ Roses songs ever:


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