Kids at Work, the Sleaze Patch, and Grooveshark Queue Trivia

Mrs. Cutter complained that I have written anything in a while.  I told her that I’ve been too busy with my Phillies blog and my new favorite pastime: arguing about sabermetrics on the internet.

But for her benefit, I’ll throw something out there today.  It probably won’t be too exciting, but at the end, there will be a special contest involving my Grooveshark music queue in which you can win a special prize!

Take Your Child to Work Day

It’s everyone’s favorite day of the work year: Take Your Child to Work Day!

Last year, the person who was supposed to be organizing the kids’ activities ran out of ideas.  So someone had the brilliant idea of sending them over to my side of the office to play on the ping-pong table.  The ping-pong table happens to be located right behind my desk.

It wasn’t exactly a peaceful day at the office, especially considering the variety of toys and knick knacks I have on my desk.

Just some of the stuff at my desk

Then again, did it really cut down on my productivity?  Or did it just give me a better excuse?

Naturally, it is raining outside, so that means that their activities are going to be limited.  I fully expect a trip to the ping-pong table at some point.

And yes, I realize I sound like an old curmudgeon.

The condo

In other news, our attempts at selling our condo is not going well.  Apparently the overall housing market in our area has come to a screeching halt.  We had at least been getting steady traffic, but in the last week, we haven’t even gotten anyone to visit.

Before the condo went on the market, Mrs. Cutter buried a statue of St. Joseph in our yard.  In theory, this would expedite the selling process.

I was wary of doing this since St. Joseph’s University is one of Temple’s arch rivals in basketball, and I didn’t want to give their team any additional luck.

Well, once we got the statue, Temple proceeded to play poorly for the rest of the season, including the end of their winning streak against St. Joseph’s.  And yet, our condo remains unsold.

What’s the moral of this story?  Always follow your own superstitions and not your wife’s.

On the bright side, I decided that I would grow a “playoff beard” until we are able to sell the place.

I am proficient at many things, but sadly, growing facial hair is not one of them.  The best way to describe my facial hair would be sporadic and patchy.

I am able to grow some hair on my chin, which I’ve done a few times before in my life.  I affectionately refer to it as the sleaze patch.  Oddly enough, the hair on my chin comes in a mixture of colors: Brown, red, and blond.  It’s a strange mix.

Mrs. Cutter is not a huge fan of it, and admittedly, it’s kind of in a strange in-between state right now.  But once it thickens out a little more, it’ll look super awesome!

Grooveshark Queue Trivia

As I write this, I have five songs in my Grooveshark queue.  If you can guess any of them, you will receive a special prize!

I’ll even give you a sporting chance by providing a hint about each song.

1. The song has the name of a superhero in it.

2. The song was sampled by Puff Daddy.

3. The artist once performed at halftime of the Super Bowl, but did not play this song.

4. The song was featured in a movie starring Kristen Stewart (Who is of course one of the hottest actresses around)

5. The song’s title is the name of a famous historical figure.

Guesses must be made in the comments section.  Please limit yourself to five total guesses.

Good luck, and the correct answers will be revealed next Thursday.

UPDATE: In the process of writing this, the kids have indeed found their way to the ping-pong table.  Apparently, they’re hiding from the rest of the group.  I’m guessing that efforts to find them have not exactly been exhausting.


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4 Responses to Kids at Work, the Sleaze Patch, and Grooveshark Queue Trivia

  1. Sweaty says:

    Eminem – Superman
    Led Zeppelin – Kashmir
    Tom Petty – Free Falling
    No clue
    Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood

  2. Squitu says:

    1) superman
    2) every breath you take
    3) when the doves cry
    4) no idea
    5) me and Paul revere

  3. Squity says:

    And that’s squity. Stupid iPhone and its weird auto correct.

  4. WWW says:

    The song is Kashmir

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