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So I’ve been watching the Olympics, and had a few thoughts:

– After seeing the United States’ female (it seems like kind of a stretch to refer to them as “women” considering their ages) gymnastics team, I don’t think there was one girl with a first name that didn’t annoy me.  Jordyn?  McKayla?  Is there some rule that to qualify for the team your first name needs to be spelled non-traditionally and have a Y in it? 

I kind of feel bad for the Cutlet knowing that due to our choice of names, she won’t be eligible for the team.  Then again, as Mrs. Cutter has pointed out, genetics is probably going to be a much bigger factor in keeping her off the team.

– Considering the number of seemingly obscure sports that are in the Olympics, I have to think that if I pushed the Cutlet to compete in one of them, she might have a decent chance at qualifying for the Olympics some day.  I mean, if she became super serious about badminton, how much competition is she really going to face?

Maybe I’ll push her towards fencing.  Mrs. Cutter used to fence, so at least she’d be following a family tradition of sorts.  And she could wear one of these badass American flag masks:

That’s right, you’ve just been stabbed with a dull sword…by America!

– Is it just me, or is NBC really trying to make the Ryan Lochte thing happen.  I know that Michael Phelps was huge for their ratings four years ago, but you can’t simply manufacture superstars.  And is it fair to Lochte to now portray him as this mega-disappointment just because he’s not winning every event?  This is the Olympics!  People aren’t supposed to win every event.  That happens once every fifty years!

– Why are people so upset by NBC not showing the events live?  If you’re going to complain that the outcomes of these events are being spoiled by the internet, then why don’t you simply log on to said internet and watch them live? 

I can’t blame NBC for waiting until prime time to air them on TV.  Prime time is when the majority of viewers are watching, so why wouldn’t you want to show the marquee events then?  If they only aired them live, then I’m sure just as many people would complain about not being able to see the events due to being at work.

– I’ve become very nostalgic for the Summer Games and Winter Games programs I used to play on the Commodore 64.  Sadly, I think those disks stopped working the last time I tried to play them.  I remember spending a good amount of time trying to earn a perfect mark in diving and gymnastics.

These games were awesome

In other news:

– For her birthday, I bought tickets for Mrs. Cutter and I to go on a shark dive at the Long Island Aquarium.  They give you scuba gear, and lower you in a cage into their giant shark tank.  You stay down there for about half an hour while sharks, sea turtles, and various fish swim all around you.

They recommend not reaching out and touching the sharks, as the next thing you know, your hand might be in the shark’s mouth.  But even without being able to pet the animals, it was still a pretty cool experience.

– I was thinking about the movie Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me.  I realized that when Frau Farbissina reveals to Scott Evil that she is his mother, she is most likely lying.  We are meant to believe that Scott was conceived in 1969, but that would mean that he was at least 27 years old in 1997 when the first movie took place.

Scott definitely appears to be younger than 27 years old in the first movie.  Then again, I suppose that he could have been frozen for a couple of years, explaining his youthful apearance.  Considering they had already lied about his true origin (he was told he was a test tube baby) that is far from being outside the realm of possibility.

Maybe he was 27. He still looks like a tool.

– I’ve been listening to the song “Whistle” by Flo Rida, and I gotta tell you, the more I hear it, the more I think it might be a bit of a double entendre.  Apparently, rappers like to work lots of these types of sexual references into their songs.  For instance, when a rapper says he’ll “get your kitty purring,” he’s probably not talking about pleasing your pet feline.

Then again, maybe I’m completely wrong.

– I’ll leave you with a line from a popular summer song: (or at least the line according to Mrs. Cutter) “Here’s my number, call me baby.” 

I think I could probably write an entire blog about song lyrics that Mrs. Cutter has gotten wrong.  She’d probably enjoy that!

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