Another 31 Days of Blogging – This Year With More Filler!

Last December, I endeavored to write a blog post every day in December.  At the start, I didn’t think there was any chance I would actually succeed.  As it turned out, I managed to write a new post 33 days in a row.  It was quite an accomplishment, one that will likely go down in the annals of blogging history.

I had been planning to attempt to replicate the feat in December of 2012.  But when it turned out that Mrs. Cutter and I would be moving this month, I didn’t know if it would be possible.  In fact, I was pretty sure it might be an impossible task.

I decided to check with Luke Skywalker and see what he thought:

Well, he certainly seems skeptical.

And yet, wasn’t it once said that the impossible becomes possible once you apply a little imagination and hard work?  No?  Well, it kind of sounds like something that Walt Disney or someone would have said.  Walt was always good for inspirational stuff like that.

And with that quote in mind, I’m going to attempt to do it again.  And so I bring you…Another 31 Days of Blogging!


I may have to take a few shortcuts this year.  There are going to be days where I’m simply too busy either with work, moving, or the whole holiday thing to write a substantial post.  So you can look forward to some posts that are little more than filler.

But hey, if it’s OK for Scott’s Turf Builder to use filler, then it’s OK for me to do the same.

I thought it might be interesting if this year’s posts paralleled last year’s.  And since I started off last year with a classic Saturday Night Live skit, I figured I would do the same this year.

I was actually discussing this skit the other night at kickball.  What would happen if any and all drugs were allowed at the Olympics?  You’d get the All Drug Olympics!

What’s that you say?  One clip wasn’t enough for you?  Good news!  Here’s another of your favorites!  Wayne’s World!

I’d like to congratulate Wayne’s World for possibly being the most dated thing ever.  The sad thing is, I remember just about everyone in my middle school emulating these guys.

I think that’s enough for day one.  I’ll be back tomorrow! (and hopefully the 29 days after that)


About The Cutter

I am the Cutter. I write some stuff. You might like it, you might not. Please decide for yourself.
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