The Double Whammy

Those of you who read yesterday’s blog know that I will soon be moving into a new house.  Apparently, some cosmic force decided that it wasn’t enough for me to go through one big move this month.

My company has begun to renovate our office, so while the renovations are taking place, my co-workers and I have to relocate to temporary space on the other side of the building.  This has required us to completely clean out our desks and work areas.

As Mrs. Cutter could tell you, I can be a bit of a hoarder at times.  I am reluctant to throw away anything that I think could conceivably be used again one day.  Having been at my current position for five years, that has given me plenty of time to accumulate stuff.  Therefore, going through my desk has been  a messy process where I’ve uncovered some interesting relics from days past.

About halfway through the process

About halfway through the process

Apparently, the previous occupant of my desk was a bit of a hoarder as well.  He left a lot of things in the various drawers and shelves.  I question why I didn’t undergo a major housecleaning when I first arrived, but I probably had no idea what was useful and what was not.  So in true Cutter fashion, I simply kept it all!

After five years, it is fairly obvious that some of the stuff he left is not indeed useful.  Product manuals from software we don’t support anymore were promptly trashed.  And I feel pretty secure in my decision to throw out the stack of floppy disks for Windows 2000.

Does anyone even still have a floppy disk drive?

Does anyone even still have a floppy disk drive?

On the other hand, there was a plethora of legal pads in the desk.  If there’s one thing I love, it is legal pads, so I certainly couldn’t throw any of those out.  And sure, it might seem like overkill to keep ten boxes of paper clips when in the past five years I can recall using a paper clip on maybe two occasions.  But you never know!  Next year could bring about an epidemic of loose papers that need to bound in a non-permanent manner.

I can only suppress the hoarder instincts so much.

I just have to remember that while the double move is certainly stressful, on the bright side, I’ll soon not only be living in a beautiful new house, but I’ll be working in a beautiful new work place as well.  Hopefully in the end it will all be worth it.


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