I apologize if this blog has turned into The Chronicles of The Cutter’s Move, but the moving process has pretty much taken over my life, so that’s what I have to write about.

Despite how busy I’ve been the past couple of days, I have a little free time to blog now that the Cutlet is taking her nap.  I’m also trying to watch the Eagles game on a bootleg feed (I mean, a completely legal feed) via the internet.  If I haven’t said it before, let me do it now: The internet is awesome.

Sadly, I don’t know where my computer’s speakers are, so I’ve been forced to watch the game with no sound.  I didn’t think it was possible, but this has made watching the Eagles even more depressing than before.

Yesterday was a busy day.  We spent the morning frantically trying to get the remainder of our stuff packed away in preparation for the movers’ arrival.  Then, as they were loading up their truck, we tried to clean up as much as we could around them. The afternoon and evening were spent trying to unpack everything.  We’ve gotten quite a lot put away, and yet it feels like we’ve barely put a dent in the immense total of boxes that were unloaded.

And this is just Mrs. Cutter's shoes

And this is just Mrs. Cutter’s shoes

How the hell did we accumulate this much stuff?  I realize that I don’t like throwing things away, but even my hoarding instincts can’t account for how many boxes we currently have piled in our garage.

Looking at some of the items we’re putting away is another illustration of why the wedding industry is a scam.  You register for a bunch of things you don’t really need and will use once a year if you’re lucky.  And basically, you’re stuck either storing it somewhere for eternity, or throwing it out and taking the chance that you won’t ever need it again.  Of course, three years later when your wife insists that yes, you do indeed need a juicer, you’re driving out to Bed Bath and Beyond to buy another one, dying on the inside.

I’m sure that we’ll eventually get everything unpacked.  My goal had been to actually think out where we were going to put everything and not just cram items into the nearest available space.  But I think the pure volume of the task may have undermined that goal.

We might actually have everything settled by the new year.  I’m just not saying which new year.  I suppose that Rosh Hashannah would be a very good time to get completely settled.  So L’Shana Tovah everybody!


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