The Gum

While cleaning up my desk at work, one of the objects I’ve come across is a small coin-operated gumball machine.  You’re probably familiar with it: Put a quarter in the slot, turn the knob, and you get a gumball.

I don’t recall exactly where it came from.  It might have been a gift I received at my previous job.  Regardless of the origin, at some point I brought it into my office, and it had been sitting on the back counter of my office for years.  I joked that people needed to buy the gum as the money was going towards my daughter’s college fund.

I think a couple of people took me up on the offer, only to quickly regret their decision once they tasted the gum.  One of my co-worker’s sons stopped in and tried some.  He reported that the gum was “pretty awful.”

In an earlier attempt to clean up the office, the machine was relocated to my desk.  Since then, I’ve used it a few times, only to learn that it was not an example of high quality manufacturing.  First, the coin slot mechanism broke, so the only way to remove the gum was by unscrewing the top.  Unfortunately, once unscrewed, the top could not be reattached securely.

And yet, I have still not thrown it out.  I am planning on eventually disposing of the machine, but not until I have used up all the gum inside.  That’s right, I am determined not to let the stale, “pretty awful” gum go to waste.

Every day, I pop a few gumballs into my mouth, and that’s when the fun begins.  I’m slightly concerned about how much enamel I am destroying, and I think it might be causing me to develop canker sores.

Fortunately, I don’t chew the gum for very long, as the flavor doesn’t have a lengthy lifespan.  To demonstrate this, immediately before writing this sentence, I started chewing three pieces.  I’m pretty sure that the flavor will be gone by the time I finish the blog.

Thankfully, I don’t have much more of the gum left, as it looks like there are only about fifteen pieces still remaining.  I can get rid of that much gum in about a week, possibly even less if I really apply myself.

Almost there

Almost there

And sure enough, the gum’s flavor is gone!  With that, another wad of gum gets spit into the trash, and I am that much closer to my goal.  Hooray!


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