Yahoo! Mail, The Ad Pundit, and Grooveshark Queue Trivia

I use Yahoo! as my primary email account.  Many people tout Google Mail as being superior, so a few years ago, I considered making a change.  I briefly made the switch, but I found that I had so much archived in Yahoo! that it wasn’t really worth it.  I kept the GMail account, but now it merely forwards to Yahoo!

I don’t know why I’ve been an ardent supporter of Yahoo! over Google.  I guess I feel that Yahoo! has worked out well enough, so why switch?  (Did I mention that I’m kind of a Luddite in some regards?)

Hence, when I want someone to search something on the web, I tell them to “Yahoo! it.”

Anyway, imagine my surprise last night when I logged into Yahoo! Mail and discovered that they changed the look of their web interface.  It wasn’t anything too dramatic, they just seemed to move a few things around and alter the color scheme.

I was just shocked because normally, something like this would be trumpeted as a great accomplishment, complete with hundreds of ads and notifications.  Instead, they just seemed to slip in under the radar.  Or maybe I just wasn’t paying attention?

The new look seems nice enough, and I’m hoping that it fixes some of the email formatting problems I’ve been experiencing with my email lately.  For some reason, when writing emails, a few lines in, the formatting suddenly gets all funky, and I can’t seem to adjust it.  So if you’ve received any emails from me where the font suddenly and seemingly inexplicably switches sizes, that is the reason.

Since Yahoo! Mail’s changes aren’t exactly a scintillating topic, I’ll provide you with a couple of bonuses.  First, I’ve updated the Ad Pundit with a brand new ad review!  Please stop by and check it out.

And finally, I’ll present you with some more Grooveshark Queue Trivia!

As before, I have five songs currently in my queue.  For each song, you have one guess and must correctly name both artist and title.  If you are correct, you get a special prize and mention in a future blog.

Here is a hint for each song:

1. The artist was mentioned in my blog at some point in the past two months.

2. The artist was in one of the Bill and Ted movies.

3. The song was on the soundtrack of the movie Stand By Me.

4. Mrs. Cutter once met the artist at Mr. Days.

5. The song’s title is also the name of a movie starring Denzel Washington.

All guesses must be made in the comments of this post.  Answers will be revealed next Thursday.  Good luck!


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