A Sad Day

I had started writing a different blog post, but upon learning about the shooting in Connecticut, I lost my motivation.  Today is not a good day, especially if you’re a parent.  But really, it’s just a horrible day to be a human being.

This morning, I attended the Christmas program at the Cutlet’s day care, and it was a pleasant, joyous affair.  I just wonder how I would have felt had if it been held tomorrow.

We all like to go about life thinking that we’re safe from danger.  And yet, incidents like this one and the movie theater shooting earlier this year make it blatantly obvious how truly unsafe we are.  Newtown seemed like as safe a place as there is in this country.  If this can happen there, it can truly happen anywhere.

But what can we do?  We can’t live in constant fear, and so our lives will continue on as before.  On Monday, I’m going to drop the Cutlet off at her day care, just like millions of other children across the country will go to their respective schools.

Almost all the children’s’ parents will have the shooting at least at the back of their minds.  It will not be a happy time, but really, what choice do we have?  We can’t just lock our children in vaults.  All we can really do is protect them the best we can and hope for the best.

In these times, there’s not much else to do but take some advice from 2Pac:



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