Take this Job and…

After exactly five years and one month, today is my last day at my current job.

Back when I started at this job, I was eager for a new opportunity.  And it certainly worked out well for a time.  One year in, things seemed to be going quite well.

But somewhere along the line, I lost my enthusiasm.  It’s a small company with a laid back environment.  After a while, I think I missed having more structure in my work routine.  I also felt like I was being asked to do things I had no real training for without much guidance, and then having it held against me when I encountered some difficulties.

It certainly didn’t help that the company wasn’t especially good about giving raises.  Being told that the company “wasn’t doing so well” every year tends to drain a person of his motivation to overachieve and become a top performer.

Then again, maybe those are just excuses.  Maybe I should have been more dedicated and worked even harder.  Maybe I was just plain lazy.

I often forgot to attach a cover sheet to my TPS reports.

I also often forgot to attach a cover sheet to my TPS reports.

Regardless, it has been clear for some time that a change needed to be made.  The job search may have taken longer than expected, but I think it has finally paid off, as I am excited about the new job I will be starting next week.

Unfortunately, this means I will likely be unable to blog during the day.   I’ll try to write some things at night, but there’s a very high likelihood that my output is going to be greatly reduced in the coming days.

Maybe to compensate, I’ll Tweet more!  I thought I was being rather witty with my tweets during Monday’s BCS Championship game.  If anyone wants to follow me: @CutterRambles.

As for my last day, I’m sorry to disappoint anyone who thought I might leave work in some sort of awesome Joe Stephen-style blaze of glory.

I decided against inserting a virus into the company’s computers that would put all of the rounded-up fractions of pennies into my bank account.  The plan didn’t work in Superman III and it didn’t work in Office Space.  I figure that if a plan fails twice in movies, then there’s a strong probability it won’t work in real life.

On the other hand, Superman III did give us "Evil, drunk Superman."

On the other hand, Superman III did give us “Evil, drunk Superman.”

I won’t be taking up Squinty and TooTall’s suggestion to walk out wearing only a Speedo and a bow tie.  Nor will I pull a Scarface.  (I know I just used this clip last month, but it is a classic)

On the other hand, I’m not ruling out secretly tagging my desk Squinty-style.

For fans of The Big Lebowski, think "Jackie Treehorn's notepad"

For fans of The Big Lebowski, think “Jackie Treehorn’s notepad”

It’s a little strange knowing that I’ll be working some place new next week.  I’m excited, but a little nervous as well.  After doing the same thing for over five years, it might be a bit of a shock to my system to start doing something new.

But as this past year has taught me, life is all about change.  Hopefully I’ll like both the work and my co-workers, and I’ll become a top performer.  Maybe I’ll even find a new Squinty to go to lunch with!  (That sound you hear is Squinty becoming despondent)

Finally, I shall leave you with this very appropriate song by Canibus:


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2 Responses to Take this Job and…

  1. steve alvarez says:

    Hey Mike, this is awesome. You are a great leader and your new job should be excited to have someone with your character and enthusiasm. take care, steve alvarez, fellow KB player.

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