Happily Ever After?

Daily Prompt: “And they lived happily ever after.” Think about this line for a few minutes. Are you living happily ever after? If not, what will it take for you to get there?

Since I have been reading a lot of fairy tales lately, I’ve learned that most (or at least in the more children-friendly, Disneyfied versions) end with the protagonist triumphing over adversity, and going on to live “happily ever after.”

Sure, they look happy now.

Sure, they look happy now.

Last year, as I was simultaneously going through the processes of  trying to buy a new house and find a new job, I was eagerly looking forward to the day when both of those tasks were complete.  I pictured a happy evening when I would be able to sit on the couch, put my feet up, look around with a self-satisfied grin, and say “All is well.”

I guess I was envisioning one moment when, like in those fairy tales, I could say, “He lived happily ever after.”

That moment never really arrived.

The home buying process was a long one, and we’re still not completely settled.  There are still pictures to be hung, items to be put into their proper storage places, and we are still dealing with some maintenance issues that were caused by the previous owners.

Not that the maintenance process ever truly stops with a house.  There are always lawns to be mowed, windows to be cleaned, and pipes that can break.

While the moving process was taking place, I started a new job.  While I feel I am definitely better off than where I was (Despite my minor complaints), I also don’t look at it as my “dream job” where I would be happy working for the rest of my days.  But even if it was my dream job, I’d still have to wake up in the morning, get the Cutlet ready for school, drive to the office, and at least pretend like I was working for eight hours.

I think it’s clear why fairy tales end when they do.

Nobody wants to hear stories about The Charmings dealing with the various problems in the kingdom.  (If I wanted a fairy tale about government bureaucracy and taxation issues, I’d just watch Star Wars: Episode I)   Likewise, stories about the King performing routine maintenance around the castle also wouldn’t be very interesting.

People certainly don’t want to read about the King and Queen bickering over minor issues, like whether or not Kristen Stewart is attractive.  (I think Snow White would side with me on this one)

She is the fairest of them all.  (Photo credit: Flickr)

She is the fairest of them all. (Image source: Flickr)

But in reality, those things are what “happily ever after” truly means.

I’m glad that I read today’s Daily Prompt because it has made me realize that I am indeed living “happily ever after.”  I have a comfortable life with a wonderful family, a nice new home, and a job that doesn’t leave me feeling miserable at the end of the day.

So maybe tonight after dinner is served, dishes are cleaned, the Cutlet is tucked away in bed, lunches are packed, and tomorrow’s clothes are picked out, I’ll sit on the couch and finally indulge myself in that “All is well” moment.

Image source: Flickr

Image source: Flickr


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14 Responses to Happily Ever After?

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  3. t says:

    I loved the Star Wars slam!

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  5. The Hook says:

    Indulge away! You deserve it!

  6. GOF says:

    Well done. I think if we have good health, companionship, a roof over our heads and a comfortable amount of cash then that’s about as close as we get to ‘happily ever after’.
    And as someone much wiser than me wrote; we need “Someone to love, something to do and something to look forward to.” or words to that effect.

    • GOF says:

      I’m not sure. I’ve just tried looking up the origin with not much success. I first heard an American psychologist say it during a radio interview, but according to Mr Google, it’s been attributed to many people including Elvis but I suspect it pre-dates him.

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