Young Love

As the father of a girl, I’m frightened by the possibility that she’ll have a boyfriend one day.  I’m not that worried about the boys themselves, because at least I have a basic understanding of how their minds work.  My real concern is that my daughter will become obsessed with one of them, and be transformed into an insane, irrational creature.

I realize that by nature, most teenage girls are insane, irrational creatures.  Yet they somehow manage to get even worse when boys are involved.

I figure it is inevitable that she’ll become single-minded in focus.  She’ll want to spend all her time with him.  When they’re apart, she’ll want to call him. (Or text, or chat online, or whatever they’ll be doing then)  I also expect to receive a hostile reaction when I try to get her to do something that doesn’t involve the boy.

While I have accepted this fate, I didn’t expect it to happen so soon.

My daughter is two years old, and she has become infatuated with a boy in her preschool class.

The classmate – we’ll call him Willie – appears to be just as fond of her.  He refers to her as “The Princess,” they often hug each other, and as they part ways, he bids her farewell with a “Bye-bye, Cutie Pie.”

Yes, it is just as adorable as it sounds.

This is not actually a picture of them, although I think the Cutlet does have that dress.  (Photo source: Flickr)

This is not actually a picture of them, although I think the Cutlet does have that dress. (Photo source: Flickr)

Last Friday, I took the family to the frozen yogurt store.  While we were in line, Willie came into the store with his family.

The Cutlet was delighted.  The children ate their desserts together, and once finished, they held hands and ran around outside.  They were talking and laughing and having a jolly old time.

At one point, the Cutlet fell down and scraped her knee.  Normally, this might have sent her into a crying fit, but she seemed to be relatively okay with this particular injury, mostly because Willie had a matching scrape on his knee.

It was getting late, and even though the kids didn’t seem to be tiring at all, their parents were definitely ready for the night to end.  We told the Cutlet that we would be leaving soon, and she asked, “Will Willie sleep over?”

Oh, hell no!

Sorry, Sweetie.  I’m going to try to be a cool parent, and Willie seems like a nice kid, but I think you guys need to take things a little slow.

When we broke the news that they would have to part ways for the weekend, the Cutlet did not take it well.  We basically had to pull them apart, and as we were carrying her away, she was reaching back and shouting: “Want to see Willie!  Want to see Willie!”

After finally getting her into the car, we calmed her down by reminding her that she would see Willie again on Monday, and that maybe the two of them could have a playdate soon.

She then spent most of the weekend talking about Willie.  We went to the playground: “I want Willie to go to the playground too.”  We were going to go swimming: “Can Willie go swimming?”  She tried on her various princess dresses: “What dress will Willie wear?”

I’m not sure that Willie would necessarily want to wear a princess dress, but who knows?  Kids aren’t always as hung up on gender roles as adults are.  I’m sure Willie would make a very pretty princess if he chooses to wear a dress.

I’m just holding my breath waiting for the heartbreak.  What happens when Willie chooses to sit next to one of the other girls at snack time?  Or if the Cutlet sees him giving another girl a hug?  Will she spend the entire night crying and throwing a tantrum? (In other words: Just another night.)

I’m sure the Willie infatuation will soon pass, and we’ll be nicely settling into the “boys are yucky phase.”  But I know that will (probably) just be a phase.  Eventually, she’s going to become interested in boys, and I may have to deal with crying and tantrums once again.

When that day comes, I’ll probably be very glad I got this practice now.

Photo source: Flickr

Photo source: Flickr


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15 Responses to Young Love

  1. I worry about this too with our teen daughter and our 3 year old. The teen has throngs of admirers & no boyfriend while the three year old seems to be playing the field a bit there are TWO boys she is chumming around with. I fear for the day their heart is truly broken for the first time. I keep a stock of unbaked brownies in the pantry, ice cream in the freezer and know the fastest route to the shopping malls for such an event. I can’t fix it or help it or prevent it but I have a little bit of extra love on standby for that day.

    Loved this!

  2. shazza91321 says:

    I love this story, I love that you call your daughter cutlet. Yes, this infatuation shall pass, to be replaced my another. For some reason my daughter never went through the boys are yucky stage. But for whatever reason she wasn’t boy crazy either. (THANK GOODNESS), but there will come a time when they will be only wanting to talk to only their boyfriend etc. I’m in that stage right now, but at least she 22 and this started just this year. And she’s left the nest, so I don’t have to be reminded constantly. Blessings, Shazza

  3. Sammy says:

    disappointed you didn’t reference family guy and this episode!!!

  4. Katie says:

    I won’t mention the threat of pregnancy.

    Kids grow up so fast these days… I don’t even know if I knew anyone besides my family when I was 2 years old.

  5. danezeller says:

    My wife accuses me of relating everything to sports. I will prove that here. In the case of young love, I’m reminded of my son’s ten year-old baseball team. Our center fielder could out run, out catch, and out hit every one on the team. She was the star. It reminds me how woefully behind males are in the maturation process. My concern would not be for you and your daughter. I would empathize with Willie’s father.

    • The Cutter says:

      Yeah, Willie is probably more likely to get his heart broken in this deal. Especially because the boys outnumber the girls in her class.

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  7. shazza91321 says:

    PS. I mentioned your blog in my blog post for today. 🙂

  8. UndercoverL says:

    As my dad said when Princess Red Chief came after three stinky boys: with boys, you worry about one penis; with girls, you worry about them all!

  9. djmatticus says:

    Cute!! (And scary!!) And hopefully she’ll be the heartbreaker when the times comes so you don’t have to deal with any “extra” tantrums.

  10. What an adorable story! She is a real go-getter….I didn’t have my first crush until age 5!!

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