The Junkie

Over the weekend, the Cutlet came down with a cold.  It didn’t seem like anything major – just a little bit of sneezing and coughing.

On Saturday night, she woke up in the middle of the night complaining that her ear hurt.  Mrs. Cutter gave her some Children’s Advil, and she was able to get back to sleep.  Sunday afternoon, she was running a slightly high (99 degrees) temperature, so we administered another dose of the Advil.

Will "Dropping A" become the next dangerous trend? (Image source:

Will “Dropping A” become the next dangerous trend? (Image source:

When you think of addictive drugs, Advil certainly isn’t the first thing that comes to mind.  But now that she’s gotten a taste of it, the Cutlet has developed a thirst for the stuff.

On Monday, after being picked up from preschool, she told Mrs. Cutter that she didn’t feel well.  When Mrs. Cutter inquired what was wrong, the Cutlet answered, “I want medicine!”

When Mrs. Cutter told her that she didn’t need any medicine, the Cutlet did not take it well.  She threw a fit and kept repeating, “I want medicine!”  At one point, she even ran upstairs to the bathroom, grabbed the dispenser cup, and started waving it to emphasize her point.

Mrs. Cutter displayed some quick thinking when she poured some strawberry flavored milk into the dispenser cup and told her it was the medicine.  The Cutlet happily drank it down, and when asked if it made her feel better, she replied yes.

The placebo effect is real, people.

Yes, we're worried that our daughter might get addicted to milk.  (Image source: Horizon Dairy)

Yes, we’re worried that our daughter might get addicted to milk. (Image source: Horizon Dairy)

Since then, the Cutlet has made several more requests for the medicine.  We’ve given her a couple more doses of the milk, but we don’t want to go overboard with that either, for fear that she might actually develop a mental addiction to the stuff.  (If she hasn’t already)

I am a little concerned.  If she’s able to get this hooked on Advil now, what will the future bring?  Will she start branching out into other common OTC drugs?  Mylanta?  Robutussin?  (Honestly, I think the taste of Robutussin alone will prevent anyone from getting addicted to it)

I think it’s a safe bet that as soon as she’s tall enough to reach them, I’ll be placing locks on the medicine cabinets.

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41 Responses to The Junkie

  1. ardenrr says:

    I remember being ‘addicted’ to this bubblegum medicine as well as Luden’s cough drops. It didn’t lead to crack or meth so I think you’ll be fine! It just tasted delicious!

    Next time, just give her crappy tasting medicine and she won’t want it anymore!

  2. We definitely don’t have this problem in my house. Administering medication is a battle of epic proportions with lots of tears. Mostly from Mommy.

  3. Squinty says:

    Who knew the cutlet liked to get wet

  4. mistyslaws says:

    Oh boy. The problem is that they make it taste too GOOD now! There must be a ton of sugar in those things. My kids loved the stuff as well. In fact, my oldest loved it so much, that at the ripe age of 4, we found him in the bathroom . . . drinking it. No idea how he got through the “child proof” cap, but we freaked! Assured by poison control that he would be ok, we made sure it was much higher on the shelf after that. Locks are an excellent idea!

  5. Katie says:

    Oh yeah, I think she’ll be safe from the ‘tussin. The extra strength liquid Tylenol, on the other hand…

  6. djmatticus says:

    Oh my! Medicine must have come a long way in the flavor department since I was a kid. I remember it always tasting awful! Well, that, and when I was really sick and had to take prescription pills they always got stuck in my throat, gagging me, that pretty much turned me off all medicine for a very long time.

  7. It’s not delicious, but I feel the same way about Nyquil! My boys take quite a bit of medicine (too much in my opinion) and while they haven’t thrown fits to get it when it isn’t needed, it always made me smile to see them open their mouths like little birds the second they saw the dropper. Like a Pavlovian response or something.

  8. katbiggie says:

    My kids like most of them except the Mucinex. Something strange about that one. But I agree, placebo effect is REAL.

  9. Christina says:

    i can count on one hand how many times I’ve given my 3.5 yo daughter medicine for precisely this reason. i’d rather the fever run its course (watching to make sure it doesn’t get too high of course).

  10. Yeah, I remember there was a medicine one kid liked – I think it was grape flavored tylenol. So she’d say she was sick a lot. But most of the time the medicines are so awful you think you’re never going to get them down their gullets. The idea of “just gulp it really quick” does not occur to them. Nope, it’s far better to take an hour or more sipping then taking a drink of something else, wait five minutes, another half sip, a drink, and so forth. Drives me insane.

  11. Hah! Both my daughters liked to eat the training toothpaste I used on them as toddlers. They always wanted to brush their teeth until they realized they could squeeze it directly in their mouths. Our kids can go to addiction treatment together! 😉

  12. danezeller says:

    Cod liver oil cures anyone of any addiction.

  13. Larks says:

    My daughter is all about the sugary medicine too. We need to find a brand that tastes just foul enough so she doesn’t want the high fructose hit but just okay enough that we can get her to take it when she really needs it without pinning her to the ground.

  14. Haha – my kids are total hypochondriacs and will do anything to get their Advil fix. It’s so frustrating sometimes because I can’t tell whether they are faking it or not. I’ve started buying the stuff that doesn’t taste great in an attempt to curb their addiction 😉

  15. I used to ask for medicine (Dimetapp, grape flavored), but not to that extent. Give her some Robitussin and she’ll change her tune…

  16. Linda Roy says:

    My oldest just started taking medicine at 13. He’d always refuse it before now. My youngest has had enough meds by now to last a lifetime. And when I was a kid, I was so into St. Joseph’s aspirin.

  17. The Hook says:

    Hang in there, Cutter. Parenthood gets better/worse son.

  18. TaMara says:

    I have one with a definitely wierd desire to take medicine.

  19. I was like that with those Luden’s cherry cough drops. Soooo good….

  20. gimpet says:

    Terrible idea to give her anything not medicine for non-medical reasons and call it medicine. It will set you and she up later for problems. As a peds nurse, I am a good witness to it. I had a congenital ear problem and lived on antibiotics the first 7 years of my life. I adored my Amoxicillin. I was constantly asking for when I could take it. I strongly recommend you change the flavor to something not quite as good, because even though my antibiotic was great, at some point they reduced the sugar content and then it was awful. A real stressor for my mom who now had kid who needed medicine and wouldn’t take it.

  21. I heard Advil is the new gateway…. 😉

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