Pop Pop!

I’m a big fan of road sodas.

Road sodas are sodas that are consumed while on a road trip.  They can be taken from home, but the ideal road soda is one purchased while stopped at a gas station or convenience store.

My personal preference is Cherry Coke Zero.

Cherry Coke Zero makes the best road soda (Image source: NEAROF)

Cherry Coke Zero makes the best road soda (Image source: NEAROF)

Side note: Mrs. Cutter and I have been debating whether or not it is appropriate to shorten road soda to “Roada.”  She is in favor of the shortening, but I’m not as sure.

While road sodas are not quite as awesome as shower beers, (Thanks to Becca for bringing these back to my consciousness) they are a part of what makes vacation great.

I’m partially convinced that the best part of my trip to Bethany Beach was the drive up due to my awesome beach playlist and some road sodas.

Speaking of that trip, immediately before we began our journey home, I grabbed a couple of sodas from the fridge.  While I downed my soda relatively quickly, Mrs. Cutter said she would prefer to have hers later.  I stowed it in a cup holder on the passenger side door, but Mrs. Cutter never ended up drinking it.

As anyone who has ever been in my car can tell you, I am not prolific at taking things out of it.  Anything that gets placed in my car tends to stay there for a while.  And so, the can remained in its perch on the door.

Occasionally, I would notice it and consider putting it in a fridge somewhere.  But then I worried what would happen if I ever needed an emergency road soda.  I figured that a warm Diet Pepsi would be better than nothing.

Yesterday, I learned why that was a bad idea.

July has been an exceptionally hot month, and yesterday might have been the hottest day yet.  When I got in the car after work, the dashboard thermometer read 98 degrees.  Not letting the heat bother me, I lowered the windows, played some Hall and Oates on the iPod, and began the drive home.

My relatively peaceful drive was interrupted by an extremely loud popping sound.  Perhaps it would be best if I let Magnitude describe it:

After checking to make sure I hadn’t been deafened by the sound, I tried to figure out what had happened.  My first concern was that I had blown a tire, but the car was still driving fine.  It sounded like something had exploded in the car, but there was no obvious evidence of an explosion.  Had the Cutlet left a balloon in the backseat?  Or had I left a small firecracker somewhere?

When I got home, I investigated further, and discovered this:

Boom goes the dynamite

Boom goes the dynamite

Apparently, the heat was too much for the abandoned road soda to handle.  I’m sure that if I remembered anything from my high school chemistry classes, I would be able to describe exactly what happened.  If any of you are scientifically inclined, please feel free to explain.

Amazingly, most of the soda was still in the can, so an extensive clean up effort was not necessary.  But an important lesson has been learned: Do not save road sodas for later.  They must be consumed on the trip for which they were acquired.  To do otherwise is to invite disaster upon your eardrums and the interior of your car.

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40 Responses to Pop Pop!

  1. Tomekha says:

    lol @ “Do not save road sodas for later. They must be consumed on the trip for which they were acquired. To do otherwise is to invite disaster upon your eardrums and the interior of your car.”

    Thanks for the warning, though I’m not much of a soda fan.

  2. The Hook says:

    Of all your work, this was my favorite post!
    I love pop – yes, we call soda pop in my hometown – and so this piece was right up my alley.

  3. UndercoverL says:

    You are so lucky that there was no shrapnel. Getting a shrapnel wound from an abandoned soda is such a lame war story to tell the Tiny Cuts (your future grandkids).

  4. I hear “roada,” I think “Rhoda,” spin-off television from the 60’s. I’m with you.

  5. becca3416 says:

    It’s a COKE. Not a soda. Not a pop. A COKE.


  6. If you say to grab a couple of road sodas to me, you’ll be handed a cold beer. Without the word road in front of it, soda means soda, but if I order a sodie, I also mean a beer. It’s sometimes confusing.

  7. I’m a road junk food junkie. I have to have at LEAST a bag of chips and something gummy for every road trip, it’s impossible to venture off into the unknown without these critical items!

  8. Christina says:

    Roada. I like it!

  9. beefybooyawn says:

    I’m not scientifically inclined but I will take a stab at what happened. Soda got hot, soda go boom.

    I’m a huge fan of having something to drink while driving. I don’t have one in particular that I like to drink, although lately it’s either a Mt. Dew of some sort or Root Beer. But I do agree, having something to drink while driving is essential.

  10. mistyslaws says:

    I had a very similar thing happen, but in the dead frigid tundra of this past winter. I know it’s hard to imagine with this 100 degree heat wave at present, but there was a time where it was bitterly cold. Sub-zero temps. And we had left a bunch of sodas outside on the deck outside the kitchen after our Christmas party, and they froze. And then . . . they exploded. But, same as you, I had no idea what the popping sound was. A gunshot? A backfire? A small bird hurling himself into the window? Then I realized what it was, and as I was looking out the window, another one exploded, and scared the bejeesus out of me! So . . . I had a dilemna. Go outside and retrieve the other sodas so they wouldn’t explode, but possibly get beamed with one when I left the house and also have it explode in my kitchen causing a slushy mess? Or . . . leave them there and watch the fireworks. I chose option 2.

    And now I’m excited to drive to the beach this week and get my road WATER. I don’t do soda, but I love a good gas station stop for some snacks and a big bottle of agua. Would it be Roter?

  11. goldfish says:

    Oh, man. What a mess.

    My favorite road soda is Mountain Dew. I never drink it any other time.

  12. mamarific says:

    Roadas…I love it! My favorite is Diet Coke. I only drink it with caffeine when on a road trip. Thanks for making me grin.

  13. I’ve almost always got a soda between my legs on a road trip…. only I prefer the fountain variety because fountain Pepsi is nothing short of the nectar of the gods. I always get one at every stop (which, of course, the past road sodas cause to happen more frequently)…

  14. ha. i don’t do soda but i love some road munchies.. runchies??

  15. Haha, this was funny because it’s TRUE! Although my road soda preference is Diet Dr. Pepper. 😉

  16. Yikes! I usually keep my car pretty clean but I’ve found weird stuff in other people’s cars… the worst is when you smell it but can’t find it. My mother-in-law left either milk or cheese in my husband’s car by accident, once, that was probably the worst thing ever to discover by smell…

  17. In response to the above comment about milk….once you spill a dairy product inside your car, you may as well kiss that car goodbye, nothing will get rid of the putrid smell. My kids once spilled a large chocolate shake all over the floor but neglected to tell me. It was on a hot day too. A few days in that heat, I had to practically burn the carpets out of the car to get rid of the smell.

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